The Truth Will Out..

Many of you have been reading the pages of the Diablog for some months by now.
Most of the work involved is done by unseen heroes, such as Christina and my personal Tech Woman, Esther Ipad, with the added support of many anonymous foreign corespondents.

Recently they have felt that their efforts continue to go unrecognized and more to the point unrewarded.
They claim that Glynsky ER and our new contributer SGM appear to spend their lives, and our money, traveling the globe on their overblown expense accounts.

Perhaps the worst offender is the ER who is continues to behave like the Scarlet Pimpernel.
We seek him here, ‘we seek him there, we seek him nearly everywhere’. 

Actually we don’t seek him at all, but he is about to turn up anyway…

Is it any wonder the man has a suitcase fetish?
He is about to crisscross continents again very soon en route to Turkey via London.
Preparations for the royal visit start in earnest today, and as soon as this article is finished, you will find me scrubbing the pavements, and polishing the bunting outside international headquarters.
As for Glynsky, It would appear that he now commutes daily between here and Vienna, and his imaginary friend SGM, is today skiing in Red Square.
Is it any wonder my pay cheque has yet to arrive?
In a further attempt to reveal the inner workings of the Diablog I have been working on an expose to uncover the smog behind the blog.
Watch this space for further developments

18 thoughts on “The Truth Will Out..

  1. Good grief! I thought that hand felt different. Am I still here? Are you still there? Will he be here – with a suitcase? Is the world safe? I must call Prof. Brian – now! Back in a tardis.

  2. Talking dementia, haven’t I seen those pics before? And where did all those commas go?

    Glynsky’s Italian ‘buddies’ used the suitcase and forgot a violin case here, I wonder what’s in it.

  3. I dont know what to say. This web site is amazing. Thats not truly a actually substantial statement, but its all I could come up with soon after reading this. You know a great deal about this subject. Much making sure that you produced me wish to understand additional about it. Your web site is my stepping stone, my buddy. Many thanks for that heads up on this theme.

  4. Thanks also from me Anon. I also award you a medal for confusing ER. We keep trying but its difficult to divert the path of a single cell ameoba. Well done and hope we keep entertaining you. For what it’s worth, ER is up for adoption when his parole ends. Have you a spare room?
    Thanks again,

  5. Oi Pete. Don’t start on me. I was trying to be your friend and support you against Glynsky. What is wrong with an expense account ?
    I am back from snowy Moscow (actually today was warm) and preparing to leave for Tashkent (look it up Glynsky)
    I was just about to take the Corporate Jet to London and buy you dinner but now you’ve blown it with your comments and jealousy.

  6. Nothing is wrong with an expense account, except I don’t have one.

    I am happy to remain’onside’ with you in our justified war on terror.
    Glynsky being the terror in question.
    However for our mutual alliance to continue what exactly the do you do for a living?
    Nobody goes to Tashkent any more unless they are drug running or have a silk fetish.
    which is it?

  7. Dear Pete. I am very happy that we are friends again and can continue with our mutual war on terror. What do I do? I could tell you but I would have to kill you afterwards. I have been doing it for 38 years and I even assisted Glynsky many years ago but the pay was crap so I moved on.
    Why do I go to Tashkent ? I am addicted to Plov !
    Hope to meet you soon.

  8. Threats of murder are not considered friendly.
    you have spent too much time with the G man in recent years.
    Enjoy the Plov.
    P.S. Glynsky has just revealed all about you in an article I have just added.
    He forced me to write it …honestly

  9. Here they go again – SGM the Innocent and Pete the Corrupter. It is important, SGM, that you realise that I keep bringing Pete home from the gates of the local girls school and have to hide his plastic mac from his missus. He is also obsessed with a) conning anyone he meets out of money b) cosying up to people who might lend him anything (even a life) abd c) pushing into other peoples friendships (mostly cos he only knows the Blind Dentist and some sad geezer who thinks he could have been a guitarist.
    So, SGM, resist the siren fart of Pete, and stick to your real friends – I even forgive you for the Spurs habit. He, despite me investing posts in his support, can but deride me. Et tu Brutto (as you sperak Italian as well SGM, don’t translate this for him!)

  10. I too had a wonderful evening at your favourite Heuriger Feuerwehr Wagner, complete with schnitzel and a few viertels. Probably going to Schweizerhaus today for a few beers and a Stelze (Pork knuckle). You and Pete are BOTH welcome to join me.

  11. Now you are spreching! The only knuckle that will apply to Pete is the one I will stick in his mouth when I next see him.
    Enjoy Wien SGM, I am not sure that Tash is in Kent unless you turn left after the tunnel – but as usual you know best.
    PS. You are now beginning to understand my warnings about fraternising with Pete. Get free as soon as you can.

  12. So Glynsky resuming to violence again. It was probably brought on after the very poor display of his team at home yesterday. It is time that they realise, to score goals they must shoot. Remember the date – 2.04.2011 – the day Man U won the league.

  13. I am grateful, SGM, for your flattery of my team – they do not deserve it and are slowly becoming more and more like yours and Petes – only win something every 21 years. Ah me, and patience is a virtue – she surely don’t play for us!

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