speed is of the essence…

Dear diablog,

As confirmed motorists we three have constantly to be aware of local traffic regulations which seem to change from location to location.

Recently, Christina found herself faced by an unforseen set of circumstances on which she felt she had to report

to save anyone else who visits the same embarassment

Please make sure, diablog, that you check the signposts carefully when moving out of your home town.

Still, diablog, on the look out,


a discovered movie related archive…

Dear diablog,

It is strange that our efforts to tribute Elizabeth Taylor have coincided with another movie related item (which in this first post extraordinarily includes reference to her!) and which will unfold over coming weeks and hopefully interest you, diablog, as much as it does us.

Being fascinated by ‘old stuff’ in general, we have, by accident, stumbled across a collection of movie memorabilia which we think is very exciting – and seems to possess a variety of  items for potential collectors.

I use this cutting (included in the archive and from the Daily Sketch November 16th 1954) by way of introduction to the person concerned (and we have similar from the Daily Mirror and Mail of the same dates) reporting on the Royal Film Performance of

in which (in the top photo) the subject of the collection… Continue reading “a discovered movie related archive…”

pete is maiden heaving…

Dear diablog,

To save you time looking (oh, if you must use this) it appears that Pete was an immac-ulate (that’s hairless) conception/contraption/condom and claims to have been ‘Made in Heaven’ – stupid me, and I thought it was

…though the queen bit may well apply! He joins a number of others –

though in his case nearer…

or maybe
but this, after all, is diablog
so eventually, the inevitable arrives for Pete
Diablog sings you to sleep Pete, and SGM will look over you – you hope!

what about london, and a £150,000,000 room…

Dear Diablog,

Following on from previous posts on the wonderful stuff to see and do in Pete’s and my home town, it is wonderful to see that despite all that is wrong in the world, some truly inspiring things still happen.

The wonderful and Gothic building on the Marylebone Road,

has in recent years been fully updated and refurbished into the London Eurostar terminal, with loads of shops and restaurants together with imaginative use of the space with a variety of topical statues

including dear old Winnie! Just the place for a coffee and stroll – or champagne at the Mile Bar!

But, very shortly they will be opening the fully restored Midland Grand Hotel which is eyewateringly beautiful Victorian bonkers – and has cost £150,000,000 to get back to… Continue reading “what about london, and a £150,000,000 room…”

Diary Of A Madman

Glynsky ha referred to myself and a new friend  to the Diablog, as “Common’.
We may well be common but at least we don’t come from some aristocratic Italian mobster family where even the drug money has now been squandered on loose women and wine.

The man has always known how not to win friends and influence people, and is it any wonder that most new contributors run for the hills with Glynsky’s welcoming remarks.
Allow me to quote some of his latest responses to polite comments from new readers:

‘I have no reason to be polite to you and b) the nearest to work you have ever been was in the Roxy in Brno’

‘He also knows me so what more could he ever want – though the wear to his parts is, in places, excessive even by Pete’s standards’

‘The two of them share a common bond in their lack of grace, taste and delicacy as the cuisine in Tottenham is somewhat on the ‘gross’ side of Heston Blumenthal’

‘By the way – who is SMG dork brain’

Is it any wonder that the followers of Glynsky and Pete tend to write to me direct.
Their questions regarding The Beast, as he is affectionately known, usually start with the word WHY and end with the word C…

Fortunately for the sake of all our sanity I was given exclusive access to his personal diaries, including new unseen photos, by his current concubine Christina who has now had enough, although not apparantly from him, as according to her, he is not capable of keeping up with her ‘demands’. Continue reading “Diary Of A Madman”