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Dear Reader,

Somehow the “world traveler” SGM is mistaking diablog for a travel guide. How else would he announce leaving for Miami and the Keys and ask for tips?

But, we are willing to serve our readers, yes even SGM, in any way we can. Let’s start by getting SGM into the right mood with Will Smith’s classic Miami hymn from the 90s:

On to some tips:

The video answers any question regarding Miami, everything worth mentioning is in the song lyrics. What is does not mention is the Florida State motto from the 90s:

Come and visit us,
German hunting season is open.

From Miami one should take a convertible and drive Route #1 all the way down to Key West. I am not kidding, driving up the bridges, that connect the islands, gives you the impression of driving right into the sky. And the colors are absolutely stunning, rivaled only by Australia.

Key West is the most southern point of the USA. Or as Sarah Palin would put it: “I can see Cuba from here.”

Although the island is somewhat of a tourist trap, one can enjoy the atmosphere. As long as you are not spending the weekend, when Americans are coming in by the bus loads. During the week you find many regulars, hippies left over from the 60s, treasure hunters in diving gear, stoners and many funny characters. Just walk the streets.

You should enjoy at least one dinner on the terrace of the Hyatt Key West. The sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is spectacular and the lobster 2nd best after the ones from Maine. If you are staying at the Hyatt, have a massage, the lady does wonders to tense shoulders.

Again, a touristy place, but one should at least have had one Daiquiri at Sloppy Joe’s, what used to be the favorite hangout of some Ernest Hemingway, at a different location though.

The second sunset you should enjoy among hippies, jugglers and other characters on the sunset pier. How do you find it? Just follow the crowd around an hour before sunset, you cannot miss it.

Have fun,
Engine Room

PS: I’d stay away from those Rum Runner boat tours. A glass floor boat tour is fun though.

7 thoughts on “SGM – Going to Miami

  1. Dear ER.
    Many thanks and I enjoyed the video and song.
    Most of my travels have been in the East and my first visit to the States was only 18 months ago. If you ever go East, I will be pleased to advise you.
    After your 2 articles today, it is clear that it is not true what Glynsky writes or says about you.

  2. Dear SGM,

    For years I am contemplating a sailing trip along the coast of the Baltic sea. Maybe one day.

    Re Miami, visit South Beach, Ocean Drive, Little Havana (SW 8th Street)

    Dine at Azul and/or Francesco.

    You are on MY turf now!

  3. Your turf? Are you (hopefully) about to retire and join the other blue rinses in that State?
    You’d be much betteroff with Baldric, that’s a match made in heaven.
    SGM, you may recall that one of our standing jokes was ‘it’s very dutch here’? Miami, or worse still the whole of Florida is seriously ‘dutch’. Don’t think they would know what a fell runner is – stick with Baldric.

  4. It’s taken me 3 days to be bored enough to watch the movie. Pray, ER, what is a ’90’s ‘hymn’? Anthem’s I know – hymn??
    As anticipated, the only highlight of the aforesaid ‘hymn’ (read ‘dirge’) was the Bentley numberplate!

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