could the coming summer get any better…

Dear diablog,

The Glynsky Official Predictometer says that this will be the Number One – for months and everywhere!


Molten chocolate flowing down a staircase comes to mind. Pretty girls, my favourite ever shape power boat (Riva) and Caro Emerald’s voice – mamma mia!

I must, like today, get a 45 vinyl record made of it for the juke, so it is back to Vinyl Carvers for another of their superb quality hand cut discs. Their idea is wonderful, a step backwards and convert your ‘electronically’ bought iPod music on to shiny, lovely vinyl.

It must be done in time for the forthcoming annual Glynsky Towers garden party – of which there may be a report in the future, and to which I am really looking forward.

Yours, diablog, in rapture


13 thoughts on “could the coming summer get any better…

  1. You want to bet on that?

    It was #2 already … in the Netherlands … in 2009.

    Like usual, you are late for the party.

    And since we are talking party, where is my invite?

    Oh, I forgot, you don’t mingle with the staff.


  2. As usual, smarty pants, you crap out.
    1) this is a remix
    2) we will be in a secret location – my garden is a ruse
    3) we had to move it as the staff got pissed with your arrogance and moved to Portugal

  3. Ha, you is plain pain! Ze swarzbeer difficult to do when eating piZza with my dad! Notice u not invited to this either.

  4. Oh, Glynsky,
    trying to comment via mobile again? Forgetting again to sign at least, since login does not work?
    And typing is yet another problem, hm?

    Say hi to your dad,

  5. Have, o guru, ever signed in on a lampone nero? Its just taken me 10 mins! How did I let u talk me into this! My dad says please stay where u are – he once tried your Berlin suggestions and got arrested – tho he still remembers the blondes you found him, though puzzled they spoke Turkish. You is his prime target – but will only send him once he has signed his will.

  6. I wouldn’t go even if I was politely invited and definitely I will not be, so that is the end of that. He can stuff his Garden Party.
    Where should we meet for a good dinner ER? I owe you one for your travel tips and informative posts.

  7. I thought it wouldn’t be long before you appeared, Spaniel breath, and man’s best friend.
    Your invite is in the post, via a black pudding factory in Scotland. If you don’t make it, don’t worry – we won’t ask you again.

  8. Actually I do have one or two days free in 2012 and 2013 is quite open. When can I expect the black pudding?

  9. Thanks, SGM,
    that’s very kind. At least one person here knows how to behave.

    The next time you are in NY I’ll gladly accept the invitation. And show you “my” city.
    Here is a walking/park/culture tip:

    Go to Schloss Tegel in Berlin Tegel.
    The Humboldt brothers were raised there and the family is living in it still. The stately home is a classic. The park is wonderful and the oldest Oak tree (from 900 AD, I think) in Germany is an impressive sight.


  10. Thanks ER. Just read this before going to the airport.
    Let us leave Glynsky to his garden party and wish him rain, better hail.

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