Scotland – one of the best trips ever

Dear Reader,

Thanks to SGM for reminding me here on diablog of a trip to Scotland. As the two old geezers, Glynsky and Pete, are English, of course they don’t go there. Ever.

It was in Scotland where I learned about Single Malt whiskey and for that alone Scotland is worth visiting.

We came to Scotland from the continent and by car. That is the best way to travel around in Scotland. Just avoid the highways, or Motorways as the English call it. Stick to country roads and you’ll have great fun. We wanted to see the East coast first and started the trip in York going north.

The initial idea had been to stay in B&Bs and upgrade slowly. This did not work, since we arrived in Edinburgh the day before its famous festival. So we ended up staying in Houstoun House, a stately home turned hotel outside.


And it was there that I fell in love with Scotland right away. The people were lovely, friendly, welcoming and very warm hearted.

After settling in, we went down for dinner. It is custom in Scotland to go into the salon first, a cozy room with a fireplace and deep arm chairs, have an an aperitif, look at the menu and pick your meals and wines. We got excellent advice from our waiter. After we had decided food and drinks, our waiter brought an amuse-gueule and refills. Some time later, we were led into the dining room and when we sat down, the appetizers arrived.

Is there a more comfortable way to start dinner? Not in my book.

Since no place in Scotland is 100 miles away from the coast, expect fresh delicious fish almost everywhere. And Scottish ox is wonderful. The chefs in Scotland we met had spent at least a year in France, preparing local dishes with local ingredients and a French touch. Heaven!

After dinner, our choices weres to go back to a salon or have digestifs in the vaulted bar. We went downstairs. There was a huge fire burning and behind the bar a large selection of Single Malts, that would have been the pride of any excellent specialty retail shop. Amazing.

The small crowd of golfers, fishing tourists and regulars immediately pulled us into a  conversation and time flew by. At 11:00 PM the bartender announced, that he was leaving. That said, he placed a list on the bar, kindly asking us to put down our consumption and left. Did you ever experience trust in you as a guest like this? Needless to say, the night went on for hours.

More about Scotland in another post,
now I need a drink,
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21 thoughts on “Scotland – one of the best trips ever

  1. Hoots mon ER. Notice your assimilation of the vernacular geezer. We will make a Brit of you yet.
    Who says we never go there? Avoid unless necessary yes but never is a big word (well, for you, there is more than one cyllaballs).
    Will reflect on this post. They were only nice to you ‘cos money earning was involved.

  2. I am a little worried about the Scottish Chefs with a French touch. Sounds a bit suspect to me like their names John Fitzpatrick and Patrick Fitzjohn.

  3. Pillock, what he meant was Scottish (which could be Scot – never figured when to use this) Chiefs with French touchee, a medeival Wallon word for a syrup, which for the non Londoners is rhyming for ‘syrup of fig:wig.

  4. That’s nothing. I’ve just phoned through my order to Interflora for a bunch of Atropa Belladonna for Glynsky. I hope that he likes them but dont tell him that they are Deadly Nightshade.

  5. How kind – didn’t you know that I grow these in the garden at Glynsky Towers, allong with Digitalis and (the moist poisonous of all) Monkshood – also known as Wolfblane. Really, love ’em.
    Your kind thoughts will not go unnoticed, Mme Glynskette keeps trying to brew me up a Misterstrone from this lot – but refrains as I have not yet signed the will!

  6. Very astute of you, I couldn’t understand what was wrong today, but all was very hazy.
    Am, by the way, sending you some acanthus spinosus seeds.

  7. Bored – Never or maybe when watching Arsenal.
    It is just that I am so well organised that I can always find a few moments for relaxation, unlike PF.

  8. Oh dear, is this heading for another record!!!
    Dear ol’ PF – had I ever told you it stands for Panicking Friend?
    One doesn’t so much watch Arsenal as experience it!

  9. I have had enough bad experiences in my life so I will no longer watch Arsenal. Waiting for fixture list on Friday, so I can plan to take you and Pete to WHL.

  10. What generosity – what has he done to deserve it? I am the Special One so that is my right, but him? He can be a great embarassment, suggest we put him in a box (addressed to somewhere far away) on his own.
    Can’t wait – looks like you impatient for a fruitless season again!

  11. I thought that he was or still is your friend. Do you mean that I cannot eat apples or bananas all season?
    i picked up some bean sprouts for you in Berlin. They are in the post.

  12. Pete, friend – ha! Chooses to hold his party on the day I wanted mine. I have had to play with my agenda.
    Talking of play – it is ok for you to take the fruit to WHL and lob it in goalkeeping practice for Mr. Gomez. My bean sprouts pretty well thanks, but I think what you sent will go well with kraut.

  13. Please be polite and spell people’s names correctly. His name is Gomes not Gomez ! He is Brazilian not Mexican nor Argentinian. I thought that you would know this after just returning from Portugal, the country which gave the language to the Brazilians. Tut Tut.

  14. Gomez, Gomes, Shmonez – he still looks like Almunia in disguise!
    What is it with our two teams and goalies. Jennings, Seaman – all gone.
    You got big hands (and they don’t mean what you would like it to mean), why don’t you give it a go?

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