#Piracy – Who really creates Content?

Dear Reader,

There isn’t a week without one copyright association or another screaming bloody murder over piracy and theft of intellectual property, demanding censorship and blocking or deleting of websites.
And those organizations aren’t shy about how they are manipulating dumb politicians to get their way.
Glyn Moody, (not related to moody Glynsky – disturbed patron of diablog), points to an eyeopening report, how the copyright lobby is abusing (sic) child pornography for its goals.

But for today, that is not my point. Today I would like to draw attention to who actually creates content online. Who are the real “copyright holders”?
The answer is easy:

You are. And we are. The users.

Look at the biggest online platforms and services:

  • Millions of eBay pages – created by users
  • Millions of Craigslist pages – created by users
  • 100s of Million Facebook profiles with billions of pages – created by users
  • 100s of Millions of Twitter and Tumblr messages – created by users
  • 100s of Millions of blog posts on Blogger, WordPress and others – created by users
  • Billions of photographs shot and uploaded by users to flickr, picasa and countless other photo communities
  • What would Amazon be, without all the user generated pages? All the reviews and recommendations, all the offers of used books?
  • Think of the millions of forums – all user created
  • What is most popular on Youtube? User created films, Millions of them
  • And who created the biggest, most popular website of all, Wikipedia?

Finally I would like to point out, that by now a huge portion of what traditional media publish on their websites is “inspired” by what reporters “find” online. If they aren’t copying from – user generated – Wikipedia.

And I estimate without user comments many of the traditional media websites would have less then 10% of the content.

So, dear RIAA, MPAA, IFPI, ASCAP, GEMA and all you others who not only sound, but also behave, like terrorist organizations: back off.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room