Glynsky fails to connect the dots

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In his recent post on diablog Glynsky goes on and on about some Eddy or something. And he assumes correctly, that I am not a “guitar noise person”. But that is pretty much the only thing Glynsky got right.

First of all, I recommended here and still recommend “It might get loud“, one of the best music movies ever, and about – guess what – guitar music.

Glynsky’s next assumption, that the third piece in his mumbling would not be to my liking, is totally off. The piece in question is the world famous theme from Peter Gunn. This is one of the most covered and played pieces in history.

One of my favorite versions, of course, is from Blues Brothers, yet another of my all time favorite music movies:

Now, what else did Glynsky miss?Let’s start with the TV series and movie Peter Gunn. It was directed by Blake Edwards and Robert Altman, two of the all time best. Blake Edwards should have rung a bell in Glynsky’s head. It did not.

So Glynsky’s most culpable shortfall was to miss out all the connections.

The Peter Gunn Theme was composed by Henry Mancini. The guy was one of the most successful composers of film music ever and won many awards – among others for Peter Gunn. Just look at the list of his hits, where you will also find “The Pink Panther“. This of course directed by Blake Edwards, starring Peter Sellers and – here it comes – with “our own” Sash Fischer.

Actually, there are so many connections between Henry Mancini, the composer of film music, and Sash, the movie sound director, that Glynsky should be beaten up for missing not just one but all of them.

And I intend to do just that, next time I have a chance.

Stay tuned,
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  1. Quite obviously you over looked Smiles’ comment, complaining about the lack of interesting articles/posts.

    Get to work and write something interesting!

    Wait, what?
    Did I just say that?
    Whom am I kidding?

    Pete, to the rescue!

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