Greece – I can do without

Dear Reader,

Our by now famous commentator at diablog, SGM, announced here he is going to Greece. Somehow I feel like making enemies today, so let me say, I can do without Greece and the Greek.

There you go, I said it, and we might have lost some readers.

Why can I do without? Let me answer in old Jewish tradition with a question:

What has Greek given the world lately?

OK, they had geniuses thousands of years ago. But since then?

It comes down to Greece even importing their very own Feta cheese from Germany. And it could easily be called a failed state by now.

If pressed real hard to name a more recent addition to the world I would say: Vangelis.

Already, I played here on diablog “I’ll find my way home”, a great example of his collaboration with Jon Anderson of Yes.

Most of you will know Vangelis as the composer of this, “Conquest of Paradise”:

But he did way more.You could also know him from the soundtracks for “Chariots of Fire” or – more importantly – “Blade Runner”.

One of his pieces, Pulstar, shall be SGM’s vacation song (pardon the quality, it’s from a vinyl):

Have a nice trip, SGM and a safe return.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

5 thoughts on “Greece – I can do without

  1. Thank you ER for that wonderful piece of music. I really enjoyed it and much better than the twang from Glynsky.
    I will be in contact from Crete.
    Update of very old joke.
    What’s a Greek urn?
    About 30% less since the introduction of the EURO !

  2. I am neither pro or anti Greece – don’t know enough to comment other than adding an equally awful one liner – a Greek is a Turk trying to be an Italian.

  3. Hello from Crete.
    Yesterday evening we arrived in Heraklion with very good Austrian Chartef Flight but no Business Class.
    On arrival, we were informed that oiur private car transfer could not be made as the taxi drivers are on strike. Apparently, licences for taxis were very limited and were sold black for over 200.000 EURO. Now freely available for 3.000 EURO, so taxi drivers, who paid to get licences many years ago and were expecting to cash in later, are on strike and blocked exit of airport.
    Sat on bus for 2 hours and then made a tour of East Crete for hours dropping of guests at various hotels.
    Economy Class and a Bus is a little too much for one evening !!
    Speaking with hotel whether they can arrange helicopter transfer back to airport next Friday.

  4. Never had problems with Turks, quite the opposite, I’d say, great people.

    Poor SGM, I hope the rest of your experience will be more accommodating!


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