Making enemies – The French

Dear Reader,

While I am at it, am I the only one who isn’t too fond of the French?

According to a recent post to the sometimes hilarious site with the title “Reasons to love France” I am not:

Have fun,Engine Room

21 thoughts on “Making enemies – The French

  1. I am with you on this one ER as I don’t like French too. As an Englishman this is normal as the French have not beaten England at anything (apart from the occassional football or rugby game) since Hastings in 1066. They never got over Agincourt, Waterloo and many more.
    Glynsky likes them but he is not English.
    Rule Britannia !!

  2. Too right I like them. Cheese, wine, culture and glorious countryside. But then you two will say that’s France not the French. It’s thanks to them it is what it is. They have commercial law that is unparalleled, a lovely language, a sense of identity and self interest that we could learn from – and the best and most stirring national anthem ever ever composed.
    The only thing lacking is a modern guillotine, and I know just the three who should volunteer for testing.

  3. Glynsky,

    What you call “a sense of identity and self interest” and admire, looks to me more like arrogant navel-gazing. If Americans act like that, it is called ignorant, self-centered, arrogant.

    How is the country side their work? Oh, forgot, all those beautiful nuclear plants, right.


  4. First, your description of the a-typical Yank is pretty good. If the cap fits it’s all yours.

    As to the rest of your drivel, it is best not for you to exhibit to our readers that you know little.

    Atomic power – green, efficient and powers your life support system. As a piece of engineering art, both atomic power plants and petrol refineries are right up there.

  5. Nuclear energy is clean, if you ignore the unsolved problem of the waste.
    It is cheap, if you ignore the subsidies, the exemption from insurance and – again – the waste. Plus the cost of old Uranium mines.

    Without being cynical, some see beauty even in a mushroom cloud. I guess the people in and around Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and Fukushima disagree to some degree. And so do I.

  6. I am sitting on the fence on this one because I quite like the French and therefore cannot go along with the original posting on ER’s claimed dislike of the French.
    However I also agree 100% with ER’s comments on nuclear energy.

    I am now back from a 3 day bender (I toasted SGM In enormous quantities of Pimms) and look forward to participating in the usual vitriol in the next few days.

  7. At first I wanted to call you a wimp for not participating, but a three day bender, at your age, I am impressed.

    Still, I callenge you to counter Glynsky’s idea of “beauty” with photos of true beauty. (That does not include you during or after a 3-day-blender.)


  8. Welcome back – I thought most blenders too small for you, but ER obviously knows more!!!
    With trepidation, I am grateful forwhat appears to be an agreement on how attractive well engineered buildings and machinery can be. To me they sre of great beauty – in many cases above so called ‘modern art’.
    I however challenge you both or individuality to propose in a post (and convince me) of an alternative to nuclear electricity generation which a) takes up as little space kW for kW, b)is as efficient, c) as safe (with proven stats) and eco friendly and d) can be blended into the countryside without offence. I accept the ‘problem’ of waste for which there is no real foolproof way of disposal (for now!) but omlettes and eggs come to mind! So, ER, what is/are the alternatives -coal, wind, water, sea, solar – where do you see it coming from? To head you off at the pass, don’t go the windmill route! Tons of concrete and steel and energy ripped from the earth to make hideous ‘farms’ which needs about 5,000 view stopping mills to get close to one nuclear output.
    As an aside, I read a learned article that had a case for the ‘removal’ by the mills (in concentration) of wind which affected all the eco systems ‘downstream’.
    The pro and anti nuclearists are probably never likely to change camps – but I would enjoy reading another’s views.

  9. Hi Pete or should I call you Petra ?
    With all that Pimms about, are you sure that you were not on a 3 day Gender Bender ?

  10. Call me what you bleeding like,everyone else does.
    At least I have a name and not just a set of initials.
    I bet your boiling your But off where you are.
    I would suggest a nice iced Pimms.

    I only drank Pimms Pimms and more Pimms to piss you off.
    There were plenty of fine wines available, and dare I say it “beer’ to drink for the commoners.

  11. As I said to SGM ,I don’t really mind.

    I will get back to you vis a vis a name SGM, but my thoughts at the moment are that the name chosen and agreed should not be based on his initials.

    My personal favorite as at today is ‘Air Miles’ but maybe we can do better.

  12. The name or actually the initials SGM were given to me by Glynsky as before I started making my comments, I used to sms him my thoughts. SGM = Spurs Git Mobile.
    I have nothing against a new name or title and welcome your suggestions. Can we change Glynsky’s name to AP = Arsenal Prat or similar.
    Dearest Pete. Weather great. Looking forward to having a drink of your choice with you at WHL.

  13. I knew about ‘Spurs Git Mobile’ well before you got involved with the blog.
    I’d be with Glynsky and he would say

    “F… me SGM’s on the phone again”

    If I were you I would come up with a slightly more pleasant Nom de Plume.

    Don’t let the Glynsk get away with it.
    Enjoy the sunshine and look forward to that drink at WHL.

  14. Dear Pete
    It will probably be easier to choose a name after we have met at WHL.
    Dear ER
    When are we going to meet?

    Crete is excellent but taxi strike continues. The locals are really pissed off as losing business. I took a car with driver yesterday to go to inner Crete and where did he come from? Peterborough !

  15. Tosser and Pete. I like it but what has Arsene Wenger got to do with it? I suppose the original article was about the French.

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