Chelm -> Gotham -> Royston

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Sometimes the decline in privacy and increase in censorship makes me sad and sometimes angry. On rare occasions it makes me laugh.
The following news made me laugh and I hope you and all at diablog will at least get a smile or grin out of it.

Are you familiar with Chelm? If not, do the Wise Men of Gotham ring a bell? Well, it seems, the English felt a need for another crazy town and that call was answered.

According to the Telegraph – or as Pete calls it ToryGraph – the small town of Royston, Hertfordshire, wants 100% camera surveillance around town (quote):

The system records the number plates of all vehicles passing through the cameras, logging their details in national database for up to five years.

Yes, they want every motorist filmed and all images and data stored for five years. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984.

By now it is common knowledge and a proven fact, that camera surveiliance DOES NOT prevent crimes. Some recent studies even suggest, cameras attract violent criminals. Beatings at rail way stations seem to happen more often, once cameras are installed.
And all your CCTV systems in the UK didn’t increase security. You are the most camera monitored people in the world and the results are zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

But back to the new Chelm aka Royston.The “officials” of Royston admit, there is little crime in their town. So, there is no justification for that stupid, costly, intrusive idea. But if a politician or government official wants to make a fool of herself or himself, Pavlov kicks in. And thus, here comes the usual terrorist bullshit:

Inspector Andy Piper, Hertfordshire Police’s ANPR manager, said: “On first sight, the ANPR coverage of such a low crime town as Royston may seem an unusual choice, but ANPR works both as a deterrent and a detection tool.

“When we look at the bigger picture in terms of Hertfordshire, as well as nationally, the position of the cameras makes a lot of sense strategically to target those criminals travelling into the county on the main roads in that area – not to mention counter-terrorism.”

Please, look up Royston on a map and then tell me:

Criminals and of course all the thousands of TERRORISTS !!!!!!!! travel through Royston?

Coming from where? Going where to? Norwich maybe?

And since all the criminals and terrorists know about the cameras now, how long will Royston be the national crime and terrorism transit route?
Thanks Royston, you gave me the laugh for today.

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