#OpPayPal: 2nd time does the trick?

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We are still following the happenings around WikiLeaks and Anonymous. And it seems, we are entering a new stage.

At the center – for a second time – is PayPal. PayPal is a very popular internet financial service company, owned by eBay, and it has been attacked by Anonymous before for cutting off Wikileaks. As a reminder, you still can donate to the KKK via PayPal, but not to Wikileaks.

During the first campaign against PayPal, then called Operation Payback, the company got DDoSed. Thousands of people flooded the website and it collapsed.
Already then many people called for boycotts of PayPal along with Visa and Mastercard. From December 2010 to February 2011 quite a few people canceled their accounts with Amazon, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal. But it weren’t that many.

Since February the FBI in the US and other three-letter agencies in Europe have raided homes of people. Overall nearly a hundred people were arrested and/or questioned.

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things to do on a horse…

Dear diablog,

As always Engine Room was right! The weather for the Cartier International Polo in Windsor Great Park was, again, exceptional. What an exciting, if not unachievable for most, this sport is, even though that cynic SGM harbours doubts.

To have a ‘stable’ of horses is megabucks and I suppose only a very privileged few will ever experience the sensation of what it is like to career around on a horse waving a wooden mallet  at a small ball. But, unlike many other sports, this one is great fun to spectate. I find that there is very little chance for the public to get involved in most other sports and essentially all you do is sit and watch, then go home! Not so in Polo…

…at ‘half time’ for each game the crowd are expected to swarm onto the pitch to ‘heel’ in the divots to keep the surface as flat as possible and avoid injury to horse and rider.

And to add to the enjoyment, there is (over on the far right by the white pergolas) a complete village with almost anything available including food, hats, suits, polo gear and, this year, even a branch of China Whites a renowned dance emporium from Central London!

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Persia and where to have Persian food

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In an earlier post here on diablog Glynsky shows his lack of knowledge about Persia and claims to have discovered Persian food.

As they say, Google is your friend, or in this case Wikipedia might do the trick. In terms of culture or cuisine the root of Persian is the Fars Province, a province in what is now Iran. The province and its people were the basis of the Persian Empire, which dominated the Middle East and the Mediterranean until defeated in three wars by Alexander the Great.
Persian history is fascinating. Especially if you consider, that Persia already had high culture, when most of Europe was still in the dark.

In more recent history, which is dominated by oil, Persians and other Iranian people left Iran in two huge waves. The first one because of Shah Reza Pahlavi, a US American puppet. During his cruel regime many Persian people took exile, often in Paris, London, NY and LA. When Ayatollah Khomeini, who had lived in Paris, took over and the Islamic Republic was founded, another wave of Persians and Iranians left.

But back to the food. The best Persian food in the US, on the east coast, can be found in NYC (where else?). On the Upper East Side, or precisely at 1407 Second Avenue (between 73rd & 74th) you will find Persepolis. It is named after this Persepolis, the ancient city, world cultural heritage and one of the capitals of the Persian Empire.

The restaurant Persepolis is so good, or rather excellent, and authentic, that even today Iranian diplomats come from Washington D.C. to have food there.

If you go, please have any of the special, authentic, exquisite rice dishes. And finish your dinner with their special digestive.

Now I’m hungry,
Engine Room

Anyone Can Make A Mistake

When I was young never needed anyone
making love was just for fun
those days are gone

I am sure there’s a song there somewhere..

Going back to when I was actually youthful, I used to sit across the desk at work from this bloke called Graham Lyle who reckoned he was gonna make it as some kind of pop star, as we called them in those days.

I heard all this before from other friends and I admit I was somewhat cynical of his musical ambitions at the time. Most of us who had ever picked up a guitar in the late 60’s reckoned we could make it bigger and better than he ever would with his unpronounceable scottish accent and reddish hair. Continue reading “Anyone Can Make A Mistake”

Are they up already?

Dear Reader,

Good morning. Or good day. Or good evening.

The global village known as the internet makes it a small challenge to address your audiance appropriately. Appropriate meaning according to what time of day or night it is where ever they are. If they are in Astralia, are they up? Or are they going to bed right now. How about NY, London, Shanghai, LA? Russia has nine time zones.
(Edit: Thanks to SGM for correcting my stupid mistake.)

There is a nice list here, where you can look up countries, cities, time zones:

But lists aren’t really fun to look at, are they?

Here is an awesome website visualizing the answer:

Please, click and have a look,
Engine Room

it’s monday, you gotta larf…

Dear diablog,

Sometimes a smile is the best way to start the week – though with Pete and Engine Room around you would never guess it! And that BBC2 should contribute to this is quite extraordinary!!!

Mme. Glynskette felt all should see a bit of David Armand, who is truly brilliant, with one of Pete’s favourite songs – which I think he once dedicated to me!

Without ‘giving the game away’ the idea is that the competitors can’t hear the song being played and have to guess it from the mime/dance by Mr. Armand. If you want to, turn OFF the sound and see how you would get on.

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Humble Pie?

Now it’s Rupert Murdoch’s New York tabloid that has a pie in the face.
The New York Post, which usually reports the humiliation of the rich and powerful with gleefully pun-filled headlines and outlandish photo montages, ignored the chance to make a splash with the News Corp chairman’s testimony on Tuesday before the British parliament.

The news was buried on Page 35, leaving the online version of Vanity Fair to come up with its own satire of how the Post might have covered the story if News Corp did not own the famed tabloid.

Bear in mind Mr Murdoch is listed as chairman on the newspaper’s masthead.