Vienna – support for Smiles and Glynsky

Dear Reader,

Our commentator and heavy traveler, Smiles, announced being in Vienna for a week here. Glynsky wrote about the city here and here and today the two fans of Vienna got support.

One of the better magazines on dead wood is The Economist, of course they are available online here as well. Every two years they publish what they call a “Liveability Ranking“. And the current top list of cities is:

  1. Melbourne
  2. Vienna
  3. Vancouver 
  4. Toronto
  5. Calgary
  6. Sydney
  7. Helsinki
  8. Perth
  9. Adelaide
  10. Auckland 

Naturally, I disagree strongly. NYC is No. 1. The Economist bothers with things like crime rate, health care and pollution, that somehow must screw up us being where we belong, in the top spot.

Joking aside, congrats to Vienna. It is one of the very few inner country cities, that make it to the top ten. And that proves my other point: seaside cities are the best.

In any case, the list above makes for a nice itinerary, unless you are looking for more adult, adventurous destinations.

Keep rolling,
Engine Room

farewell to august…

Dear diablog,

We have, in the UK, spent a miserable, wet and cold August. Therefore, as a farewell to the month from diablog’s British contingent we thought we would offer a UK based opinion of our European cousins (who have sweltered, lucky swine) to at least redress the balance. Thanks to Bennie who sent me this:


All you Need to Know about Brussels Bureaucracy:

Pythagorean theorem:………………24 words.

Lord’s prayer:……………………….. 66 words.

Archimedes’ Principle: ……………. 67 words.

Ten Commandments: ……………. 179 words.

Gettysburg address: ……………… 286 words.

US Declaration of Independence : .. 1,300 words.

US Constitution with all 27 Amendments:7,818 words.

EU regulations on the sale of cabbage:..26,911 words.

Sort of puts things in perspective –  and reinforces our view of the EEC!

Yours, diablog, scrabbling


Small Change

Dear Reader,

We made a minor change to diablog, probably you did not notice.

Up until today you found all posts from the last 7 days on the first page. If you came once a week, you found all posts on the front page.

But it lead to rather long loading times for those with slower internet connections.

Now, the first page shows the most recent 15 posts. At the bottom of each page you can click on “Older Posts”, which shows you the next set of 15. If you still come once a week only, you now might have to go to the 2nd page, to find all new posts since.

Do you mind?

Thanks for your visit(s) and interest and comments,

Engine Room

#WikiLeaks & media – love & hate

Dear Reader,

If diablog isn’t the only website you are visiting, then you have noticed that some main stream media and quite a few online publications are claiming, that WikiLeaks lost control over the original, not redacted US state department cables and that a file, “cables.csv”, is out there not encrypted. Some claim it is the notorious “insurance file” and that someone dropped the password.

Fun fact, no one has seen that file, cables.csv, yet. Although many people have been searching like mad. Cables.csv is like Nessi or the Yeti. Plenty of people write about it, but no one has seen it.

Overall, publications, online or on dead wood, about WikiLeaks are pretty negative, often focused upon personality more then facts and sometimes quite inaccurate.

For example, a common falsehood is, that WikiLeaks did not publish anything since 2010. It seems, the journalists are unable to read the website or to follow the news in South America, Asia and all the countries, where WikiLeaks formed media partnerships and the local cables were published over the last 6-9 months. Or the latest releases.

But that isn’t the real reason. Continue reading “#WikiLeaks & media – love & hate”

the real deal 26, hurricane warning…

Dear Diablog,

In the last of the Rock ‘n’ Roll instrumental posts I mentioned my interest, in the early ’60’s, of instrumentals.
This genre had its heyday from about ’58 to ’62, all though, as we shall explore later, some bands kept up their contributions until the early ’70’s.

I crave the forbearance of Engine Room for future posts as most of these bands were guitar based but hope to attract his attention here with the glaring exception of Johnny and the Hurricanes of whom, sadly, virtually no live footage is available. I happily use the words ‘glaring exception’ as not only was the leader, Johnny Paris, a saxophonist, but they used, extensively, a Hammond Organ (something new at the time). In addition they were all very accomplished musicians, using riffs and passages which are more jazz/orchestral orientated than just run of the mill 12 bar Rock.

Many of these points are well illustrated in their mid career number…

… which is worth listening to carefully to capture all the influences that they effortlessly displayed.

They hit on the formula of using ‘traditional’ tunes adapted and twisted (an oblique reference to a treat lined up for Pete later) to  act as the vehicle for their talents, of which the most well known (and probably biggest hit) was (and this clip is worth watching for all the ‘star’ rocker pics and fashion of the times alone)…

Not content with using country classics, they even tried military anthems… Continue reading “the real deal 26, hurricane warning…”