the real deal 26, hurricane warning…

Dear Diablog,

In the last of the Rock ‘n’ Roll instrumental posts I mentioned my interest, in the early ’60’s, of instrumentals.
This genre had its heyday from about ’58 to ’62, all though, as we shall explore later, some bands kept up their contributions until the early ’70’s.

I crave the forbearance of Engine Room for future posts as most of these bands were guitar based but hope to attract his attention here with the glaring exception of Johnny and the Hurricanes of whom, sadly, virtually no live footage is available. I happily use the words ‘glaring exception’ as not only was the leader, Johnny Paris, a saxophonist, but they used, extensively, a Hammond Organ (something new at the time). In addition they were all very accomplished musicians, using riffs and passages which are more jazz/orchestral orientated than just run of the mill 12 bar Rock.

Many of these points are well illustrated in their mid career number…

… which is worth listening to carefully to capture all the influences that they effortlessly displayed.

They hit on the formula of using ‘traditional’ tunes adapted and twisted (an oblique reference to a treat lined up for Pete later) to  act as the vehicle for their talents, of which the most well known (and probably biggest hit) was (and this clip is worth watching for all the ‘star’ rocker pics and fashion of the times alone)…

Not content with using country classics, they even tried military anthems……with, of all things (and another major hit):

Others included
and (with some wonderful lightning pics)
But as mentioned earlier, and dedicated to Pete and in flagrant disregard of the guiding Diablog rule of ‘no nekkid ladies’, I have to leave you with this mid ’60’s gem of a film (which does have a reprise of some of the numbers already heard) and which I found by accident, called ‘Garden Twister’ (!)…
OMG – where on earth did this come from! It is so bad I have been laughing for days – bet she got arrested by Macarthyites and put on trial! Holy J – did she know Hugh Heffner?
There are others, but maybe that’s enough for now so,
Yours, diablog, bending in the wind

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  1. Dear Anon,
    Pete, as usual, is keeping his views on my presents very much to himself! Probably wisely.
    Many thanks for joining in and we hope to greet you again soon, you are a welcome visitor. Thanks

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