farewell to august…

Dear diablog,

We have, in the UK, spent a miserable, wet and cold August. Therefore, as a farewell to the month from diablog’s British contingent we thought we would offer a UK based opinion of our European cousins (who have sweltered, lucky swine) to at least redress the balance. Thanks to Bennie who sent me this:


All you Need to Know about Brussels Bureaucracy:

Pythagorean theorem:………………24 words.

Lord’s prayer:……………………….. 66 words.

Archimedes’ Principle: ……………. 67 words.

Ten Commandments: ……………. 179 words.

Gettysburg address: ……………… 286 words.

US Declaration of Independence : .. 1,300 words.

US Constitution with all 27 Amendments:7,818 words.

EU regulations on the sale of cabbage:..26,911 words.

Sort of puts things in perspective –  and reinforces our view of the EEC!

Yours, diablog, scrabbling


9 thoughts on “farewell to august…

  1. Thank you Glynsky. It is Transfer Deadline Day in Football. Is there still time to transfer Gklynsky to another Blog? How much money would we have to spend for somebody to take him?
    I am back in Vienna and for one week. Expect hourly comments.

  2. Oh, sh*t,

    I had high hopes, you, Smiles, would take Glynsky off our back. Especially since he seems to be confusing the readership with his European Member of Parliament.


  3. Dear ER. I wouldn’t touch him with yours. I lost him for approx 20 years which were probably the happiest years of my life.
    Let us all meet up in Vienna and I will show you some great places.
    Ps. Actuaslly, I like Glynsky. Shit!! What did I write? I must be jet lagged.

  4. Morbid – Never !! Probably because you mixed with Viennese who are living in the past of their Austrian Hungarian Empire days and are “klein karriert”.
    Let a Man of the World show you around.

  5. Now listen up you two, some respect please.
    First, it looks as though we will be the only team in Europe who are attempting to ‘compete’ in one of the toughest leagues without any signings (other than a 6 year old girl still in primary school).
    Next, I blame Viennese aristocracy (Herr Wuss unt Cie) for reintroducing me to Smiles.
    Third, Vienna is a great place and the only morbid bit is at the back of St. Stevens church where ER has his tombstone, under which he hangs upside down with folded wings.
    Fourth, I am still trying to decide if I love Smiles. Give it till after October 30th!
    Fifth, a pox on ER.
    Finally, what has all this to do with the sale of cabbage?

  6. 1: There is no “12th man”, you don’t play -> you’re NOT on the team.

    2: Locals showed me around, it was nice and fun and morbid.

    3: We gave up commenting in the right spot a long time ago. Or, Smiles hasn’t seen recent posts.


  7. Basically, I just comment to comments and not to the posts. I like to confuse people and it seems that I succeeded with Glynsky, which was not difficult.
    ER. I have read ALL recent posts.

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