Music – It can make you dream of beer and ladies

Dear Reader,

The Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end, your relatives are leaving your home or you are leaving theirs.

As American it is likely you watched the football game. And that is another example of how music carries memories like no other sense. Maybe, just maybe, smell is a stronger carrier.

But music works like the famous Pavlovian conditioning. I can have you think of the NBA and basketball or the NFL and football with just the first keys of 2 Unlimited, “Get ready for this”. Here is another version:

Did you feel the urge to get a beer? To turn on the TV and watch a game? And some of you, especially male readers, probably were expecting to see some ladies, because of this:

Alright, enough of that, at least until Superbowl XLVI on February 5, 2012.

And now Glynsky will take over with some Christmas stuff. Embrace yourself for “Last Christmas” or something equally horrible coming up soon.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room