News – how to get an overview and be really informed

Dear Reader,

Besides providing items for water-cooler talk, diablog aims to inform you, or rather help you stay informed. As for example we did with this post, how TV can fool you.

Now I hear you object: “But I am well informed.”

Of course you are.
You Brits have BBC and Guardian, and Americans have CNN and the NY Times. And you all go to sleep, feeling well informed.

Still, your “news feed” is one-sided, you live in a national bubble.
Your national media feed you, what they think is relevant.
That is like having the same dish every day. It is boring and far cry from being nutritious.

Let me show you, what I mean:

Amazing, isn’t it?

But there is help, of course, on the internet. I love it.

Again, let me show you.

There is a brilliant website:

It is a news aggregator.

Newstral gives you the Top 3 headlines of the vast majority of news sites from around the world.
You get an overview. You see what is considered important in the world. Not just in your home country.

The comparison includes – to mention just a few – CNN, NY Times, BBC, Guardian, The Times, The Washington Post, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and dozens more from the USA and UK.
You can pick and choose.

In English (!) you also get the Israeli Haaretz, AlJazeera, the German DW, the Turkish Hurriyet News , Japan Times, and many, many more.
How convenient is that?

You do speak other languages? Excellent. Newstral also gives you headlines from Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Russian, Swedish and dozens other newspapers.

All headlines are linked to the original article, one click gets you there.

You can register and create your own global news overview. Your very own daily newsticker from around the world.
And this is free of charge, you just pay attention (advertising).

Did I mention, that I love the internet?

Check your media and stay informed,
Engine Room