don’t tell too many people 7d, a day in firenze…

Dear diablog,

As I promised you earlier in a post some further recommendations on things to buy from

it may help to start with some of Mme. Glynskettes favourites taken in Glynsky Towers

The soap and the ‘Colonia’ you recognise, but what about an essential oil heater in terra cotta to make your house smell amazing (the list of oils and fragrances is enormous) or some, which is absolutely the db’s if you or anyone you know suffer from…

…indigestion, stomach complaints, overeating or general depression/panic. No, this is not Snake Oil – it works as many of our friends (now confirmed users) will testify. The proof, as they say, is in the eating – try it. Magic.

Alternatively, there are talc’s,

Virgin’s milk (?) and other bizarre concoctions,
body milk and after bath lotions,
beautifully scented candles (go for ‘Classica’ or ‘Pot Pourri’),
– oh it’s Christmas for heavens sake, get the lot!!!

Yours, diablog, dreaming of Italy and wonderful smells


4 thoughts on “don’t tell too many people 7d, a day in firenze…

  1. No, Smiles,

    But I agree, enough already with that olfactory rants.

    My guess, Mrs. Glynskette is fighting an uphill battle against Glynsky’s smelly feet. And all his other body parts, assaulting the noses around him.


  2. I happen to have been in this establishment with Glynsky.
    I believe on that occasion he spent only 8000 euro on underarm deodorant.
    If he is not a shareholder then he probably should be.

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