rip Gary Speed…

Dear diablog,

We have been totally remiss, as true football fans, at not mentioning the passing of Gary Speed at a tender 42 years on Sunday.

He was a lovely man, a very good footballer, handsome and one of the best ambassadors for the game with his easy smile and time for all. He seemed to have found his life’s ambition as Wales’ manager and his death has come as a total shock to the whole football community.

All at diablog extend their condolences to his family in this terrible time.


5 thoughts on “rip Gary Speed…

  1. Thanks Smiles, I am sure everyone agrees and his family grateful for any support.
    Interesting the support Gareth Bale and others are giving the family.
    He was obviously well loved – I always thought we should have had him.

  2. I totally support the comments made by Glynsky.
    The death of Gary Speed is a tragedy.
    We will never know why someone who appears to have the world at their feet will decide that suicide is the only solution.

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