farewell november, one for the diabloggers…

Dear diablog,

Our readers have, by now figured out that a) all three of us are smokers, b) we enjoy taking a tilt at each other and c) we love photos and art.

To jolt us and show you a triumph of trompe l’oeil (sent to me by a friend) what about this:

Titled ‘The Smokers Room’ I feel it should join Pete’s similar contribution of items of artistic merit.

Yours, diablog, with weeds


10 thoughts on “farewell november, one for the diabloggers…

  1. Great photo!
    It took me a while to notice the priest, and realize I was watching a funeral.
    I will be posting some of my favorite other pictures of the year soon.
    This one would definitely have been included.

  2. Ha,

    Glysnky and I just had one of the most wonderful fish and seafood meals of our life.
    The blind dentist knows, what I am talking about.

    More about this Milano treasure later, for now:

    It is a smoking restaurant.

    I love Italy!


  3. Southern Comfort after seafood? Yukk !! Better a double espresso and then Grappa Bocchino senza Grappa (my favourite).
    Last day in Mumbai. After breakfast, I had a great pedicure followed by an unbelievable workout in the Fitness Centre with a Trainer who made me look small.
    Next week only Vienna, Bologna and Vilnius. Same following week.

  4. My kinda guy, Smiles,

    Regular manicure is a must, as well as massages, leaving the exercise to others.

    The Southern Comfort was a mistake, Glynsky admitted that much.
    Espressi we had a plenty, delicious stuff!


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