… and matching music

Dear Reader,

Just when I clicked “publish” on the post about cars, I thought to include a song matching the issue.

Unfortunately, we already had “Cars” by Gary Numan on diablog as part of “Resounding at the Engine Room”.

Cars would have been a nice make-up song for Smiles, lover of 80s music, and slightly bored with diablog this week.

But then, there is also “The Cars“, who had their second wave of popularity in the 80s, among others with “drive”:

If you are driving back from Thanksgiving,
have a safe trip and
stay tuned,

Engine Room

Maybach a dying car brand and a failed revival

Dear Reader,

Usually Glynsky writes about cars here on diablog. But I feel like boring Smiles a bit more, who doesn’t drive a car.

Today, the discontinuation of Maybach was announced. The totally unneeded, over-the-top, brand revival of Maybach was a failure and, finally, Daimler admitted it. In case you haven’t seen one, here we go:

Seriously, who needed another car brand selling at US$ 150,000 a piece? If I wanted to spend this kind of money, wouldn’t I buy a Rolls Royce, or a Bentley? The real luxurious cars?

Or one could go for the equally useful, high speed cars like Ferrari, Bugatti, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, etc.
Certainly, enthusiasts with deep pockets had enough of a choice.
Here is a list of automobile manufacturers, do we need more?

And there is another expensive car brand that can go, as far as I am concerned: Continue reading “Maybach a dying car brand and a failed revival”

a reflection on, and celebration of, a life..

Dear diablog,

I write this, one year on, in some trepidation and a lot of awe!

Today, my all time hero, giver of and  instructor in life has made
103 !!!

Sadly I think he may be fading, but I always wonder what that little engine in his head thinks of when it wakes him each morning.

Does he remember the childrens ‘comics’ in his Italy of 1908…

or maybe the King’s (they had one then) car ready for a run…
or maybe aeroplanes of the time (with which his dad was closely associated)…
or maybe what his mum and dad were reading at the time.

Or is it all the ‘stuff’ that he held dear through his life and that he tried to pass on to me, ingrate that I was at the time, like real racing cars driven by heros… Continue reading “a reflection on, and celebration of, a life..”

Happy Birthday Harry’s New York Bar – for homesick US expats in Paris

Dear Reader,

If you are an American expat, and if you couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving this year, and if you happen to be in Paris, – anyone still with me? – than you are in for a treat.
On November 24, 1911, a 100 years ago, a world-known institution opened its doors for the very first time:

Happy 100th anniversary!
As you can see on Harry’s homepage, there is an offspring in Berlin, in Cologne, and in other places, but nothing beats the original.
Harry’s invented the famous Bloody Mary
It is one of the few cocktails I enjoy. In NYC you get it pretty much everywhere, served mostly with brunch, as an alternative to the Mimosa. Yes, I can live without that one.
Have fun, enjoy the drinks and don’t get homesick, 

happy Thanksgiving!

Engine Room

Stop American Censorship

Dear Reader,

While American congress is unwilling to compromise over solutions for the financial crisis, it is very busy in its attempts to censor the internet. Talk about priorities

Diablog is against censorship. And there are many initiatives to prevent congress from passing its most recent censorship attempt, called SOPA. Surely, you heard of it.

Two of those initiatives I want to point out:


There is rumor, that some American Internet Service providers are blocking access to those sites, that they are censoring them.

If you cannot access the websites, please let us know.

Stay informed,
Engine Room