BBC News – and I thought US news programing sucks

Dear Reader,

For a few days now I have had the questionable pleasure of watching BBC News at Ten.

And I have to say, it sucks. Big time.

For you non-Brits let me give you the structure:

  • 1 minute about an international crisis like Syria or Iran
  • 3 minutes about a murder, preferably of a female immigrant
  • 5 minutes about Soccer, alternatively Rugby or Cricket
  • 6 minutes about the weather

That’s it. In the unlikely event of a day without a murder in the UK, a strike will do.

I have to say, in comparison even CNN informs you better. And I might go to hell for this, but Faux (Fox) News has more dept and information than that shite BBC calls the news.

What ever Glynsky recommends from BBC, the news broadcast isn’t worth your time. I herewith officially declare 2011 the last year of TV news program. May it rest in peace.

Wishing you a happy new year, prosperous 12 month, stay informed and enjoy Diablog,

Engine Room

Every Picture Tells A Story

I would like to wish all Diablog readers a very happy and peaceful new year. I say this in the spirit of peace and goodwill to all men, with one or two possible exceptions.
On a totally irrelevant note to the above sentiment, I have shown below some of the photographs that have impressed or inspired me during 2011, the final one being my photo of the year.

Not keeping up with the Joneses

Dear Reader,

One British holiday tradition I like very much, is visiting the neighbors and having them over on or after Boxing day.

What a great idea, to just say hello, share a few drinks, nibble some food, with people coming and going all day. I love it.

We were extremely lucky, some miserable ones moved away and a great patchwork family moved in.

Daddy in his 50s with two daughters and Mommy with a daughter and a son, all from prior marriages. The six make a great family and our crowd was enriched by fun people.  Lucky for me, the guy had lived in Denver for years and in California, so we naturally became allies.
We talked, played pub quiz and had a jolly good time.

A toast to hosts and friendly neighbors,

Engine Room

smiles gets over the christmas binge…

Dear diablog,

Our ever faithful commenter and world club traveller, Smiles, has been slightly ‘overindulging’ this Christmas and thought he would use the time he had free before New Years eve to get in a little excercise.

Pete, thinking to keep his fellow Spurs fan company, sneaked a preview- and rapidly changed his mind!

We know that Smiles is fixedly pro European, what we didn’t know is that his love of ‘frogs’ is quite so extreme and had nothing to do with crossing the chanel!

Yours, diablog, in butter and garlic


The Directors fell asleep at the wheel

Dear Reader,

Diablog is a perfect example of mis-management, or should I say total lack of any management?

You noticed, I arrived in the UK on the 21st.

Did someone greet me at the airport? No.
Did someone pick me up? No.
Was there any kind of transportation to my quarters? No.

If I were to depend upon the protagonists of diablog, I’d be lost. It wasn’t until four (!) hours after my arrival, that some friendly, familiar faces smiled at me and two beloved friends took me under their wings. Only thanks to them I did not starve or die of dehydration.

Since my arrival I had to fight all kinds of beasts: Turkey, Geese, Chicken, Pork, Ox, Cows, Trouts. They all – one way or the other – stood in the way of the greater good and had  to be taken down.
Luckily, with the help of dear friends – neither Pete, nor Glynsky -, I have been victorious do far. All along fighting London Pride and the Old Speckled Hen.

It is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Today I did struggle with the foie gras for example.
For motivational purposes, here is John Carpenter’s “Assault on Precinct 13”,

Fight with us,

Engine Room