another bit of the found archive 19, who’s to know…

Dear diablog,

As I have mentioned several times in this series on the Sash Fisher material we have found, there is so much I don’t know where to start – or end for that matter!

I think we shall  move to some of the wartime stuff very soon, but the film archive (by the way, if you are a film buff and want to find  previously posts from the series, click on the ‘treasure chest’ heading in ‘quick search labels’) is so extensive that it seemed worth another shot at some ‘who are they’ pictures.

Who, do you know, is this:

with him far right? I am fairly sure that this, and the next, were taken on the set of…
Bhowani Junction

which was filmed in Pakistan and from where some of the people in the pics could also be

Whatever, diablog, if you can identify anyone, let us know.

Yours, diablog, headscratching


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