Britain got talent? You bet!

Dear Reader,

In the unlikely case you’ve missed Zoe (8), here she is:

Britain got talent? You bet!

Engine Room

15 thoughts on “Britain got talent? You bet!

  1. Excellent ER. Glynsky also found some talent leaving the stadium yesterday. The legs were so hot that he walked behind her for miles and then had to walk back to where he parked his car.

  2. Smiles – are you a secret phone hacker? Please report to the Leveson Enquiry tomorrow at 09.00.
    Mind you, how anyone can choose to wear ankle boots, tights and shorts at -1 deg. with legs like that – or maybe that’s why!

  3. I am definitely not a phone hacker and I received 22 text messages from you after the game, 1 about the game and 21 about her legs.
    Stop following women or are you a stalker?

  4. Ignorant fools,

    Here I am, spending (sleepless) nights looking for talent and all you can talk about is legs.

    BTW, Glynsky walked miles, and the dog has eaten my homework. Both are equally likely.


  5. This 8 year old has a great talent and I have just deleted a post I was writing about the same subject.
    Do great minds think alike?
    But then does Glynsky have a great mind in the first place?

  6. NO !!!!!!! And it was posted by ER, whose brain cannot be compared to Glynsky’s. Who would continue supporting Arsenal after recent performances?

  7. I abhor both Simon Cowell and child prodigies – both are freaks.
    Heat is something definately lacking in the International HQ right now and that’s why my brain has shrunk.
    Did you, by the way, know that apparently the winner of this sad show is to be given a flight into space? Great if it is a juggler or performing dog!

  8. Who is Simon Cowell? Never mind.

    The girl isn’t part of that “talent” show. She is in a Band, called Mini Band, of 8-10 year olds. And she became “famous” via youtube.
    The video embedded above has >2 Million views already, and deserves more. Watch it!


  9. I am changing the subject to football as is the fashion with many comments written after a while.

    Apparently, when the Judge asked Harry Rednapp if he needed Bail, he said no, he already had him !!!!

    Please note I do not expect ER to understand a word I am writing about

  10. Good one Pete. I liked it.
    Who cares whether ER understands it as I dont understand 90% of what he writes about.
    Take care. I am still in hosptital but hope to be home by weekend.

  11. For all I know, TS (Tottenham Spurs, not to be confused with transexuals) hasn’t won anything but one cup within this century.
    Or should we say millennium?


  12. This is largely true.
    I am also shocked and delighted that your football knowledge is coming along so nicely.
    Spurs are renowned for playing beautiful football but winning little.
    However as I write this we are in the top three in the league and find ourselves 10 points ahead of the scum,AKA Arsenal.
    So maybe there is life after a ‘dearth’.

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