farewell january, another month gone…

Dear diablog,

And there goes another month – this last one being made up of blackouts, Pete moving away (did I force him or was it that he was ‘fed up’ with the food from Cafe Listeria), my football team imploding again, state and personal tax returns, tax payments, too cold in the garage, too hot in the sauna, too much to eat, too little excercise etc etc.

Ah well…

Yours, diablog, going in for tea


5 thoughts on “farewell january, another month gone…

  1. The first 3 I can accept but life not. You are much too young and too dear a friend for this. Get off your fat arse and do something !

  2. Hey mon ami, this is the first time I note that irony is lost on you – of all people!
    I listed the first 4 of the 1,593,802 reasons for me being here, and really enjoying it.
    Get back home safe.

  3. Lying in a hospital bed gives you plenty of time to think and life is one thing you cannot get tired of or retire from.
    Now the most important thing is to stuff Wigan tonight.

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