Sustainable, comfortable, sensible wood flooring

Dear Reader,

In a recent post I warned you not to use wall-to-wall carpet flooring.

There are other floorings, I would stay away from. A recent trend has been screed. It is cheap and “stylish”. But if you have stood on trade-fair floors for a day or worked in retail, you know that your back hurts like hell. Screed does not cushion at all. The same is true for tiles and stone. And all three do nothing for the room climate. So, unless you life in very hot climate, leave those to the bathroom.

One warning:

Stay away from the more and more fashionable laminate!

That’s plastic. It is cold, noisy, hard like stone, uncomfortable and removal costs you an arm and a leg since it is toxic waste. Something I would not want in my quarters.

But diablog doesn’t leave you with criticism. Here is what I recommend. The very best of course is hard wood flooring.


It is warm in winter and cool in summer. Your back and ankles and knees will appreciate it, it puts less stress on them to walk on wood.

Hard wood flooring requires almost no maintenance, usually a broom is all that is needed. Or you hoover it. You spilled something? A paper towel does the trick.

A good parquet will last for decades or centuries.

Travel to Europe and see some of the old castles and palaces. Often the flooring has been in there for centuries.

Now, some people are concerned with the price. So here is the even better alternative:

Industrial Parquet

Industrial parquet is made from left over pieces. That makes it considerably cheaper. And buying leftovers from a renewable source is the ultimate in sustainability and environmentally friendly.
Another difference to boards, the wooden pieces are upright. So you can strip industrial parquet many times, it lasts even longer then regular parquet.

Industrial parquet was used in machine halls, because it absorbs vibration from heavy machinery better than anything else. That means, industrial parquet gives you better sound protection than regular wooden board flooring.

In my opinion, industrial parquet is the #1 choice for a rental apartment. It is sustainable, from a renewable source, lasts forever, is comfortable to walk on, gives a great room climate, and requires the least maintenance. Perfect.

And the final reason for wood is gliding. I loved it as a kid and still do it today.

Update: Since Pete asked, wood-block is a very forgiving alternative in terms of scratches:

Now I’ll glide to the espresso machine.

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15 thoughts on “Sustainable, comfortable, sensible wood flooring

  1. ER. A man of many talents. Now he is an Interior Designer to add to his skills with the internet and computer.
    I am very impressed.

  2. We had solid wood oak flooring in our last house before moving to our rural retreat.
    The only problems I experienced were the dangers of scratching the wood itself or the sealed surface.
    It can be difficult to put right.

    Does our interior design expert have any advice to solve this problem before deciding what flooring to go with this time?

    P.S I can’t believe I am writing this

  3. Me neither. Is ER becoming the diablog Agony Aunt? Next, Arsene Wenger will be writing to ER – Our Fans do not love me anymore. What shall I do?

  4. Dear Pete,

    That depends, whether your floor is oiled or sealed. If you want, apply teak oil. it hardens the surface so much, you won’t be able to damage it with a hammer.

    Since you are out in the woods and nobody cares, wear felt slippers. It is the best way to polish wooden floors.

    Or, if you like the rugged look, use wood-block paving.
    You won’t notice any scratches there.


  5. Yeah, he claims a lot including too much on his expenses even if he claims to be the Managing Director.
    Let us see what he replies.

  6. a) rebottling turps to make petrol bombs b) rebottling turps to use to harden the floor and make it combustible c) rebottling turps to help remove the teak oil d) rebottling turps to look like whiskey e) writing a VAT tax return – with turps (great invisible ink and letter bomb igniter) f) throwing all (the turps soaked) shavings under the floor g) writing the invitations to you 3 to come over and ‘christen’ the floor with candles and ‘set light’ to my life.

  7. But was he really using turps or drinking retsina?
    Anyway, he is a bit touchy today. I suggest to light the blue touch paper and retreat to a safe distance.

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