Happy 180th Birthday Joseph Haydn

Dear Reader,

Joseph Haydn does not need an introduction, he was born today, 180 years ago. You will find lots about him at Wikipedia and other sites.

If you want to listen to the most perfect – in the sense of following all rules – classical music, besides Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, Joseph Haydn is your man.
His nicknames have been ‘father of the symphony’ and ‘father of the ‘string quartet’. That should say it all.

He also was a gentleman, with a great sense of humor and he was very caring towards his musicians.

This is brilliantly shown by the following anecdote.

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farage with a bite, farewell march…

Dear diablog,

Here on diablog, and with numerous references too many to list, the three of us have been offering our various takes on the banking and Eurozone crises.

Probably not known outside the UK is the ex EuroMP Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independance Party who is, whatever else you may think, an excellent orator – rarely if ever, referrring to notes for his rants! This is typical…

Whether or not you agree with his politics is not the question, what he is is charismatic, which is sadly lacking with most others of his ilk. Once he gets going it is really impressive as the following…

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Worst album Covers Of All Time

I thought many of our esteemed Diablog readers may be interested in some of the album covers shown below. 
Who knows one or two of you may even own a few of them though if I did I am not sure I would admit it.
Some covers are so incredibly bad that they probably can’t even be explained by the people who originally conceived them.
I have shown below 30 of the worst, most strange and downright ridiculous album covers ever made. I am sure Glynsky must have a few in his enormous private collection.

If you have other suggestions to add to the list please let us know.

I look forward to adding more to the ‘Fab 30’ shown below

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Happy 60th Birthday Stanley Kirk Burrell

Dear Reader,

Diablog congratulates Stanley Kirk Burrell to his 60th birthday.
Stanley who?

Stanley Burrell is one of the most successful Rap artists and most famous dancers. You and everyone else know him as MC Hammer or Hammer.

Here is his greatest hit:

Like it or not, that song will bring back memories of the 90s. If you have been around then.

MC Hammer certainly is a comeback kid. After spending like crazy he had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. But managed to get back onto his feet.

Then notorious for his dancing, music and pants (!), today he is known as a minister, through TV shows and for embracing the internet. He runs a blog, a twitter account, attends internet startup events and invests in startups.

Whatever he did and does now, kudos for getting back up.
And for embracing the internet, when many artists – certainly of his age – have no clue about it.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

ICANN opens to censorship – help is on the way

Dear Reader,

Smiles complained about Glynsky’s post, lacking interest.
But I can assure him and Glynsky, at least one woman, Nana, liked it. The lady has built her own Harley Davidson from pieces, making her somewhat of an exception in the female world. Or any world for that matter.

Smiles also complained, that I hadn’t written about censorship lately. And, always ready to obey, here it comes.

There were enough reasons to write.
Turkey increased its censorship. So did Denmark. The Microsoft messenger is censoring The Pirate Bay. German Telekom is censoring emails to its customers.
Sarkozy wants to throw you into jail, if you visit extremist websites. Quick question, how do I know, whether I will, do or did visit beforehand?

I could write about new censorship initiatives on a daily basis.
Yes, it is that bad.

But one issue sticks out:

ICANN is preparing for global censorship on DNS level.

Less than two years ago, I had voiced concern here on diablog, that the US government might abuse its jurisdiction over ICANN to censor wikileaks. They did not then.

But, as reported here and here, governments of the world increased pressure on ICANN to facilitate censorship. And during its last meeting ICANN gave up.

no comment…

Dear diablog,

Hot off the press from ‘a friend’…

Conversation overheard recently at Athens Airport Arrivals between a Customs Official and a Male passenger.

“Nationality ?”


“Occupation ?”

“No, just a holiday”

Brilliant, thanks for a day long laugh,

Yours, diablog, all smiles