ICANN opens to censorship – help is on the way

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Smiles complained about Glynsky’s post, lacking interest.
But I can assure him and Glynsky, at least one woman, Nana, liked it. The lady has built her own Harley Davidson from pieces, making her somewhat of an exception in the female world. Or any world for that matter.

Smiles also complained, that I hadn’t written about censorship lately. And, always ready to obey, here it comes.

There were enough reasons to write.
Turkey increased its censorship. So did Denmark. The Microsoft messenger is censoring The Pirate Bay. German Telekom is censoring emails to its customers.
Sarkozy wants to throw you into jail, if you visit extremist websites. Quick question, how do I know, whether I will, do or did visit beforehand?

I could write about new censorship initiatives on a daily basis.
Yes, it is that bad.

But one issue sticks out:

ICANN is preparing for global censorship on DNS level.

Less than two years ago, I had voiced concern here on diablog, that the US government might abuse its jurisdiction over ICANN to censor wikileaks. They did not then.

But, as reported here and here, governments of the world increased pressure on ICANN to facilitate censorship. And during its last meeting ICANN gave up.
“ICANN is now publicly saying that it will work more closely with governments around the world to help them seize and censor domains.”
If you want to read the full report, please go here:
Now you might wonder, why I am not depressed?

Because help is on the way.
There are various initiatives and projects to technically circumvent censorship. I wrote about TOR and about the FreedomBox. There are many more.

And now there is another one, it is called http://secushare.org.

Have a look and stay tuned,
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  1. Good interesting article. I think you should keep them going.
    However an article about censoring Glynsky would not go amiss.

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