Happy 60th Birthday Stanley Kirk Burrell

Dear Reader,

Diablog congratulates Stanley Kirk Burrell to his 60th birthday.
Stanley who?

Stanley Burrell is one of the most successful Rap artists and most famous dancers. You and everyone else know him as MC Hammer or Hammer.

Here is his greatest hit:

Like it or not, that song will bring back memories of the 90s. If you have been around then.

MC Hammer certainly is a comeback kid. After spending like crazy he had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. But managed to get back onto his feet.

Then notorious for his dancing, music and pants (!), today he is known as a minister, through TV shows and for embracing the internet. He runs a blog, a twitter account, attends internet startup events and invests in startups.

Whatever he did and does now, kudos for getting back up.
And for embracing the internet, when many artists – certainly of his age – have no clue about it.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room