Worst album Covers Of All Time

I thought many of our esteemed Diablog readers may be interested in some of the album covers shown below. 
Who knows one or two of you may even own a few of them though if I did I am not sure I would admit it.
Some covers are so incredibly bad that they probably can’t even be explained by the people who originally conceived them.
I have shown below 30 of the worst, most strange and downright ridiculous album covers ever made. I am sure Glynsky must have a few in his enormous private collection.

If you have other suggestions to add to the list please let us know.

I look forward to adding more to the ‘Fab 30’ shown below

Ken - By Request Only
All my friends are dead
My Pussy Belongs To Daddy
The Handless organist - Truly a Miracle of God
My lips are for blowing

Foster Edwards' Orchestra - What's Next?

3 thoughts on “Worst album Covers Of All Time

  1. I think my friend Wally would have been devastated if he had seen this! I will have to check to see if all of them (as most are) are fake – like real friends.

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