farage with a bite, farewell march…

Dear diablog,

Here on diablog, and with numerous references too many to list, the three of us have been offering our various takes on the banking and Eurozone crises.

Probably not known outside the UK is the ex EuroMP Nigel Farage of the United Kingdom Independance Party who is, whatever else you may think, an excellent orator – rarely if ever, referrring to notes for his rants! This is typical…

Whether or not you agree with his politics is not the question, what he is is charismatic, which is sadly lacking with most others of his ilk. Once he gets going it is really impressive as the following…

…couple of clips demonstrate. This first is very much him

But my present favourite, sent to us by Philippa,
I hope these have at least made you smile Рif not reflect on passionately held and well presented conviction.
Yours, diablog, at elocution lessons

6 thoughts on “farage with a bite, farewell march…

  1. Glynsky, for once, Congratulations. I love people and particularly politicians who speak their mind. It reminds me of our Company, where before Board Meetings everybody complains but when I stand up and make my and the general opinion known, I get no support. The other Directors and particularly the Italians are sitting there with one hand inside their trousers and the other reading and writing emails on their blackberries.
    But I will not be silenced or maybe will one day I will be, by a 9mm bullet.
    PS. Dont tell them but I have started wearing a bullet proof vest under my shirt for Board Meetings.

  2. Be careful out there!!
    Whatever happened to Hill Street Bues?
    Thanks for that Smiles, appreciated. Like you I search for true coviction whether misguided or not.
    A tip you might use: Having been summoned to a meeting of some 30 people for absolutely no reason, after about an afternoon of mindless and pointless discussion the Chair (!) turned to AOB.
    After about a further 10 minutes he finally alighted on me and asked for mine. I said that I could do with 2 hours of foreplay. Chair turned to the secretary, ensured my comment was noted and moved to the next person!
    Stunningly not one other person at the table even noticed – will remember it forever.

  3. He is good speaker but if you dig a little deeper about him and his party you will see he is linked to a lot of extreme right wing groups both in the UK and European parliament.

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