Give Peace A Chance?

There are still a few sane people left in this world and the example shown below comes from some citizens in Israel with a serious message to give to Iran.
I felt it was worth bring to the attention of our Diablog.
I have quoted below from an article that appeared recently in The Guardian newspaper:

A message to Iran from Israel: I love you

Peace activists in Israel have launched an internet campaign to try to prevent conflict with Iran

Peace activists in Israel have bombarded Iranians with a single message this week: We love you. A video has been posted on YouTube showing Israelis belonging to different ages and classes, sending messages of love and peace to Iranians. In a single day, one of the videos was viewed almost 40,000 times.

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the never ending story, la passione 18…

Dear diablog,

Sometimes life just slaps you down! Do you recognise what this is?


Probably not immediately. This series of the never ending story is the (apparently sometimes boring to some – need I list them?) accounts of my travails in renovating a 1960 Alfa Giulietta Sprint


and which progresses ready (hopefully) for some enjoyment in the summer – if we have one!

When I purchased it the vendor warned ‘I think there is a problem with the starter switch as sometimes it just doesn’t work’. This was quite true and very annoying so…

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Somebody Hold The Front Page

Not many people know that glynsky was a senior headline writer in his early days.
This was before re training at the London School Of Bestiality prior to being recruited as a senior tea boy for the Glynsky and Pete Diablog.
I had the good fortune to meet his ex senior editor who is still recovering in the maximum security Hospital at The Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous

listen, do you want to know a secret (cont)…

Dear diablog,

In the first part of this post I had a bit of a rant against the demise of a real shopping experience (and for the benefit of ER, for recorded music, not carpet tiles) rather than going on line – and now to the main reason why!

Right, we are still in HMV in Oxford Street (and indeed pretty much the same in any good local record store)


and we have selected what we think we want.

So now, and most importantly, the main reason for all the time spent with Cousin Tone


and his helpers, to discuss new releases, discover new genres (and in my case he opened my eyes to all sorts of Blues artistes) and sort listening to your (and his!) choices to make sure you like themĀ – and in seriously cool surroundings! Imagine that, a music (all genres mind you) literate shop assistant able to advise…

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a square peg…

Dear diablog,

A short while ago Christina


displayed her talents with things technological which received such acclaim from Engine Room that she thought she would have another go!

As the three authors of diablog have often demonstrated, they are each a square peg attempting to fit into a round hole – but only till now! How about this little gizmo of design for squaring the round:

Forgetting the language reading problems, is this not something astounding?
Well done girl, mankind has had an age old problem solved.

Yours, diablog, all square


Happy 70th Birthday Aretha Franklin

Dear Reader,

Today is Aretha Franklin’s 70 birthday, congratulations from all of us at diablog. What a lady, what a voice.

You can find plenty about her at Wikipedia, or

One of my all time favorite performances is in the wonderful movie The Blues Brothers, from which we had the theme of Peter Gunn already.

In Blues Brothers Aretha Franklin plays Matt Guitar Murphy’s wife/boss, unsuccessfully trying to prevent him from rejoining the band:

Watch Blues Brothers – Aretha Franklin- Think in Music | View More Free Videos Online at

A toast to the Queen of Soul,