is this the way to amarillo, another bit of the found archive 22…

Dear diablog,

I guess I will join Sasha (our source for much memorabilia) on this one and become a bit of a tease!
As mentioned before, Engine Room seemed to believe that there was interest in watches so for this post I point you to this:

which was found in the pile of his assorted timepieces, and wonder if you can recognise it for what it is?
You are probably wrong (did I hear stopwatch?) as it is…
…in fact a compass!
of unknown (as with most of his stuff) origin, other than the place of manufacture. I assume that it is probably, due to the markings, a military piece – but if you know better please let us know!
Wherever it came from, it is rather fun – I think I shall carry it with me the next time I have to find ER!!
Yours, diablog, heading south

9 thoughts on “is this the way to amarillo, another bit of the found archive 22…

  1. This is definitely Department of ER and it is even engraved with such on the back. We expect a full report from him after a little research. This is quite interesting.

  2. How did you achieve such detailed and well photographed images on such a small item?
    I do hope ER finds all the information you are looking for for.
    If anyone can I am sure it will be him.

  3. I agree with you Pete. ER is the best man for this job and we all look forward to reading what he finds.
    Glynsky, we must keep ER fully occupied so that he cannot write about the internet, censorship or even worse, American politics.

  4. Done. To whom do I send my bill?

    And, Smiles, of course I made a connection to the internet. But I left out American politics, although WWI and WWII were quite tempting.


  5. Weren’t you late entering both? You report however was very quick.
    Send the bill to Glynsky as he asked for info.

  6. My my, you 3 have been busy – I hope a better morning than me!
    Mme. G took pity on ER and said that the cooker I had chosen for his love nest (more details in a forthcoming post – on both the cooker and the nest) was not what he deserved. I have therefore spent a wonderful 4 hours in a kitchen shop getting him a hob, oven and, lawks amussy, a dishwasher. She is 24, slim, willowy and red headed.

  7. Dear Glynsky
    I think that we should thank you for feeling for us after Sunday but we will not. We are extremely happy with Monday’s result. Did you go home after 10 minutes?
    ER’s choice of song from Shania Twain sums up the season.

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