Smiles’ search engine must be broken

Dear Reader,

Glynsky found a very nice little treasure and Smiles made it my job to do research on this. Even Pete put pressure on me. This is what I wake up to now.

What is this, Guys? Am I everyone’s personal slave now? Can anyone order me around?
Where did I sign up for this? And more importantly, how do I get out of it again?

OK. Let’s get that job done and over with.

Glynsky’s could have made it easier, if he had bothered to make the model name readable or type it.

His piece looks very much like a Taylor Compass, a “Usanite” model, which was used by WWI soldiers and cannot be found in the official Taylor catalog.

If it is from 1916, then it is one of Taylor’s first makes and more than just memorabilia.

Taylor was a U.S. compass manufacturer from Rochester, New York.

Sash probably got it in the UK, because Taylor first cooperated and later merged with the British manufacturer Short & Mason.

How do I know all this?

Because I can use a search engine. Of course, our noble gentlemen at diablog can’t be bothered with profane things like this.

If you go to and type “Eng. Dept. 1916”, in parenthesis please, you get as a result among others the Website of the Compass Museum, leading directly to the Taylor site there.

If you are too lazy to read it all, you search the page for “Eng.” and are taken to this part. And there you see even a nice picture of a 1917 model, that looks pretty much exactly like Glynsky’s.

How difficult is this? Any 10 year old can do it.

How long did it take? Less than two minutes.

How much will I get payed for this? Probably nothing.

And this is a good example why “experts” – am I the only one who hates that term now? – often hate the internet.

Most of those self-proclaimed wannabes, you see on TV daily or read from in the papers, will slowly but certainly be put out of business thanks to the internet.

By the way, Glynsky, I am fairly certain, the compass museum would appreciate to receive links to your pictures along with some data, in the spirit of user created content, making the worldwide web better every day. They don’t seem to have anything from earlier than 1917.

Stay tuned,

Engine Room

5 thoughts on “Smiles’ search engine must be broken

  1. ER, you are brilliant. I had already found all of this info hours ago and even passed on to Glynsky a website of similar compasses for sale.
    You are so cute when you are angry, Engie Baby :-)

  2. Now you know why the pressure is and always will be, put on you.
    Perhaps you could also answer Diablog readers questions about the meaning of life while you are being so productive.

  3. Dear Smiles,

    Anger isn’t one of my emotions, it is so useless, isn’t it? I’d like to believe, real anger doesn’t exist on diablog at all.

    And, Pete,
    The question of the meaning of life was answered by Monty Python ages ago, I believe.


  4. The only things that make me angry are inefficiency and people who have no pride in their work (whatever they do).
    When are you next in Europe? Time for a beer.

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