where there’s smoke…

Dear diablog,

I mentioned in a comment to an earlier post that Mme. Glynskette had dissuaded me from fitting Engine Room’s love nest with a rather unconventional cooker.

I am grateful for the original idea to Michaela


who had sent me some information about a Finnish idea for a stove which she recently installed.
I still think this should have been the one fitted, Engine Room would have had to leave the windows open – but that would be easy as I have saved money on the glass!

This takes 10 minutes to build -To start you need a seasoned log

which is sliced (not all the way through) with a chain saw to give

four cuts in the shape of an asterisk, and then ….

… has a quantity of scrunched up newspaper pushed down into the centre of the cuts

right down to the bottom.
Light the newspaper and then, if frying, put on the pan with some oil
and add the raw ingredients
to cook!
For some undisclosed reason she obviously chose to boil something as well once the main course was ready! Maybe an extravagant quantity, but it does illustrate the practicality.
Whatever the end dish was, is this not a brilliant idea? I am determined to try it in the summer – thanks Michaela, a really cool idea.
Yours, diablog, donning the high white hat

9 thoughts on “where there’s smoke…

  1. Brilliant,

    First my quarters were reduced from a mansion to a pied a terre. And now I go from a voluptuous red-head cooker to an energy-inefficient, smoking log of wood.

    Let’s get it over with, show me the doghouse.


  2. Who suggested the voluptuous red head will not still be in attendance? Pete is checking her out as I write.
    Alex, do try it – it is brilliant and not inefficient as ER suggests.
    What I have done is to put a tin bath on one of these and ER will simmer for hours.

  3. Fear not ER your luxury shag palace is in superb condition and I have checked personally to see that all glass is in the windows.
    The bedroom is big enough to hold a royal hunt ball (should you be so inclined) and the lounge is of similar size.
    Having said all that the only thing you have to worry about is the Landlord himself.

  4. Ahh so you noticed my omission.
    I have to admit that I have not actually seen the cooker in question, and Glynsky has been chopping a lot of logs recently and has also been seen outside rubbing boy scouts together.

    I suppose you could always appeal to his better half.

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