timeless present…

Dear diablog,

It seems ages since any of us recorded anything on a supposed favourite topic – watches. In fact the last mention of them was not a watch but a compass!

So, without further ado, and in the hope it may be of interest to the watch people who read the blog, this was Mme Glynskette’s wedding present to me  – a very long time ago!


This rather handsome (like me at the time!!!) hunter, complete with chain, key and cigar cutter was used quite extensively…

…by me for a number of years at formal occasions. Sadly as will have been noticed by the eagle eyed, I think after an attack by children, the second hand ‘went missing’ and for ages I have been meaning to do something about it but never got round to it


though this is about to change as I have recently met an excellent watch restorer to whom it will be sent very soon. Despite the missing hand it works very well so with luck I shall be able to use it soon.

As an item I not only love it – for obvious reasons – but find it intriguing that it has three hinged sections; why I have no idea. As you can see it is heavily ‘encrusted’ with gilt decorations and there are silver stamps all over the place – but no mention of the manufacturer (though it is a long time since I searched).
Hopefully the specialist will be able to tell me more (all?) once he receives it and makes the new hand and I promise the information will get passed on.

Yours, diablog, second to none


18 thoughts on “timeless present…

  1. What a beauty!

    I’d like to point out, that Mrs. Glynskette once supported your smoking habit. That should come handy as an excuse/argument.


  2. Why thanks people – she will be delighted.
    As you know ER, she supports me – period!
    Alex, if you ever buy a watch make it a good one. Forget marketing brands, go for quality. You will then only need one and it will last forever.

  3. Dear Glynsky,

    If Madame Glynskette supports you, I can stop playing Ska and Reggae. It seems to be unappreciated anyway.

    Next up: Electronic for Alex


  4. Knowing the frequency I lose things at, I would hardly deem it a valuable investment.

    ER, I would lean towards the artist side, mainly because I can paint better than I can sing, but I was never any good at either.

  5. Dear Alex,

    The solution to lost watches is a metal wristband. Which I prefer over leather anyway.

    Where can we see your paintings?

    Your singing can’t be worse than Pete’s. And to prevent Glynsky from singing, we feed him, or give him drinks.


  6. Beautiful watch and what talented photographer could have taken such a clear picture?
    I am with Alex.I don’t even own a watch and haven’t worn one since I was about 18.

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