out of control, me?????, farewell june…

Dear diablog,

Three of the commentators on diablog have seen fit to suggest that from time to time (if not always) I am in need of a measure of ‘control‘ – be it behaviour, drink or whatever they care to dream up and throw at me!

‘Not me guv’ (to use the immortal words of a diablog favourite personality, ex Tottering coach Signor Arraldo Rougebonce). I am but a simple man for whom pipe and slippers are a byword – if only to light the BarBQ.

July approaches and preparations with Alfas for the continuing summer outings proceed apace, but with an impending trip to Italy I have found a new and fairly sedate method of transport, ideally suited to the Italian motorway system, which completely suits my preference for style and comfort whilst giving agility…

…and manoeverability.

And before Smiles comments, the flameout was due to an exceptionally hot Vindaloo curry consumed on my wedding anniversary – which was yesterday. Thanks all for your best wishes.
Yours, diablog, in my favourite chair

5 thoughts on “out of control, me?????, farewell june…

  1. Believe not a word of the above. The man remains totally out of control.
    He refers to his 93rd wedding anniversary, but where was he when he should have been giving solace (and a meal out) to his poor suffering Mrs?

    He was watching the football with a load of men at the house of Dr Death, whilst his poor delightful wife stayed home alone,and wept tears of sorrow.
    Something should be done.

  2. I really did not expect the Germans to win and I really expected the Italians to get stuffed by a big and fat Bockwurst. Waiting for Glynsky’s post.

  3. Not only picking a fight ER, but winning.
    Bet that felt good – for the whole of Euroland.
    For now, at football, we have to concede to ‘Joachim and the Machine’ and live vicariously.
    Forza gli Azzuri!

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