chocks away algy…

Dear diablog,

My ‘Churchillian’ musings last week led me to a message received some while ago from Christina


who is a real plane freak. Her obsession with Pete, during his infrequent visits to the International (Rebuilt) HQ makes me wonder if I should not have spelt it ‘plain’.

However her, and my, passion for Spitfires and the ever closer dates for the Goodwood Revival Historic Car Race Meeting reminded me of the redoubtable (but sadly passed) Ray Hanna who founded the ‘Old Flying Machine Company’ – if you are into old, and particularly Spitfires and Mustangs, aircraft follow this link and watch the video – sublime!

Certainly worthy of note  was Ray’s appearance at the redoubtable Goodwood meeting…

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England bites the dust

Dear Reader,

Someone who gives a damn just informed me, Italy kicked England’s butt.

Or in other words:

Not that I care. And Glynsky, our Italian at diablog, could only win this game.

But Pete might be a little upset. Unless I am mistaken, it is decades since England won something half way important in soccer on an international scale. Am I rubbing it in? Sorry.

Expecting furious fights and comments about the US playing “world series” without other nations attending, besides maybe Canada,

Engine Room

Happy 100th Birthday Alan Turing

Dear Reader,

This birthday we and you really should celebrate.

A hundred years ago a man was born, without whom we would not be communicating the way we do.

Happy Birthday Alan Turing
You can read a lot about him – naturally – at Wikipedia, here is a link to the article about him.
It also includes some information about the centenary commemoration.
Let’s raise our glass to Alan Turing,
Engine Room

K2, and i thought it was a stain remover…

Dear diablog,

There appears to be a never ending discussion in the UK at the moment on the ‘morality’ of tax ‘avoidance’ versus tax ‘evasion’.

It may be that my original idea as to what K2 is was correct. Ingenious ‘avoidance’ schemes such as those invented by K2  and embroiling in the press numerous celebrities such as ‘comedian’ (a question of personal taste) Jimmy Carr


have led to even politicians expounding on for example the ‘dodgy’ morality of Joe Schmo paying full tax on hard earned income and then spending their money on tickets for a Carr show which he exports to his tax ‘avoidance’ scheme.

Of course we at diablog, and in particular at the International HQ, have long suspected that this goes on elsewhere and take this opportunity to remind you of one…

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Drama At The Embassy-Is Glynsky An Asylum Seeker?

In sensational late news Diablog has scooped the world media by revealing exclusively that Julian Assange-Glynsky last night took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy Cafe in downtown Pinner High Street and demanded political asylum and more wine.

The well known blogger and Wengerist, is wanted around the world for crimes relating to his incompetence in writing anything sensible in his chosen language, which is a mixture of Welsh Italian and south London cockney.

He was recently thrown out of Al Qaeda  for cruelty, and since then has been hiding out in a plush single story basement duplex in the leafy suburbs of North West London.

He has since founded the well known incontinence website ‘Willyleaks’.
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It’s a sad day for America

Dear Reader,

Assuming that you do not live under a rock, you are aware that Mr. Assange of WikiLeaks has asked for asylum in Ecuador.

And how does that make it a sad day for America?
Because I remember the days, when people from all over the world were seeking asylum in (!) America, instead of from America.

It is a joke, when the US accuses China or any other country of human rights violations, while itself is:

– running military show tribunals (Bradley Manning)

– going after every whistle blower

– running military prisons for civilians (Guantanamo)

– legalizing indefinite detention without charge, trial or even legal representation

– killing “presumed innocent” people and innocent bystanders globally by drones

All this fascist policy started with Bush and Cheyney.
Remember how they blew the cover on a CIA agent, just to penalize her husband for wistle blowing? How they lied to start the war against Iraq? Does the Patriot Act ring a bell?

Not only has Obama pardoned their crimes. He is continuing them and does worse. The expectation, that this president would improve the American image in the world seems like a very bad joke now.  Here is a good post about Obama’s dismal civil liberties record.

And here are a few words to and facts for the critics of Mr. Assange.

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