Early UK Royal X-Mas Calendar Preview

Dear Reader,

For a while Nevada has been using the marketing slogan “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas“. The recent week you got ample proof, that this is your usual advertising bla bla.

But this post isn’t about Vegas.

It is about the national pride of our beloved Glynsky and his royalist side.
Oh, and his love for everything xmas.

So, with and for Glynsky’s pleasure, we present, supplied by 9gag.com, a preview of the 2012 Christmas Calendar of the Royal Family:

Could anyone please watch out for the royal jewels?

Engine Room

6 thoughts on “Early UK Royal X-Mas Calendar Preview

  1. If ER ever sets foot in the UK again, to the Tower with him and behead him
    The Royal Family loves their country whereas Presidents generally only love their own pockets.

  2. Dear Rattled Feathers,

    So much for civilization.

    The Tower? I’m looking forward to the tour. Will the tour guide wear clothes? I heard that’s optional now in the UK.

    AFAIK, beheading is reserved for aristocrats, like Glynsky. Common people like me were hanged.

    And my last wish?
    To die of a natural cause.


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