double gold for the BBC…

Dear diablog,

This post replaces the now traditional (hopefully funny) ‘farewell’ film clip to the current month (and anyway they were in August) as, due to circumstances, I was not able to cover as I would have wished the Olympics whilst they were happening.
I understand this to have been the case in the U.S as well as brilliant programming (to maximise advertising revenue) only allowed the telly to give coverage 6 hours after the event. Are the Americans, whose sporting traditions are legendary, still catching up on the 10,000 metres due to ads from Gap?

I also noticed that there was little from Engine Room (whose idea of exercise is getting up in the morning) or Pete (who never gets up) and now that the Paralympics have started with the really poor coverage by Channel 4 it brings into focus what an absolutely fantastic job was done by all at the


Everything, but everything was a-maze-ing! Camera, schedule, info and above all the commentators.

I have always been a fan of the Olympian Michael Johnson (and I still can’t believe he turned down US TV to work for ‘us’) whose insights and descriptions are truly interesting and very sanguine and to the point

and a little in love with Denise Lewis

but the sight of the ‘studio clip’ of they and the others going completely mental…

…when Mo won is priceless!!

So, if like me, you still marvel at the achievements of Olympians and want to see more (while it is up there), follow this BBC link and relive a little of Bradley Wiggins et al.

To sign off, and just annoy Pete, there was another Johnson hero at the Olympics


Rock on Boris – at least I and Mme Glynskette love ya!!

Yours, diablog, still agog


3 thoughts on “double gold for the BBC…

  1. Yeah,

    According to thousand reports online, the exclusive broadcaster NBC gave a new meaning to the term “live coverage”. Live is when they make the most money. Which seems to be the only interest in sports these days.

    Or will the Paralympics prove me wrong? I sure hope so. They truly deserve attention and cheering.

    Those athletes make me feel humble and insignificant.


  2. I am afraid, ER, that you are right. There is a lead article in todays Times reporting that the main channel (forgive me I can’t remember which) is only going to show ‘highlights’ – on September
    16th!!! It will have finished 4 days before!!
    The second biggest sports event IN THE WORLD is being denied to American viewers.
    A number of American dignitaries have labelled it a disgrace, but there you go. I think it said that one of the ‘public’ channels is showing bits though!

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