Indian Summer Red and Redheads

Dear Reader,

Are you looking forward to Indian Summer?
Oh, sorry Brits, I hear you didn’t even have a regular one, did you?
Indian summer brings out all shades of red. I love it, it is a wonderful travel season, maybe the most beautiful one on the east coast.

Glynsky and Pete love red too, but more like redheads. They are living proof of the line:

Blonds are for boys, brunettes are for men, but only the best can handle redheads

Back in 1987, 25 years ago, an attractive 16-year-old redhead triggered puberty for guys worldwide. Of course, I am talking about Tiffany.
With the remake of the 1967 song “I think we’re alone now” she had a huge hit. Have a look:

Rumors are, the guy with the ridiculous comb-over is Glynsky.
If some of Tiffany’s dance moves remind you of someone, check Brittney Spears’ first hit video, Baby one more time, around 1:20. The same stuff every 10 years.

Tiffany later in her “career” posed for Playboy. Sorry, guys, you have to search for her pics elsewhere. I am confident you don’t need a link from diablog for that.

Ready for Indian Summer,

Engine Room