your time is up, farewell november…

Dear diablog,

It seems that all of life is full of trials and tribulations, but that these can sometimes disappear or become less important as one gets older.


True that all sorts of ‘age related’ problems make their presence felt in advancing years, but at least one, as I was recently reminded by Michaela


is able to reflect on and improve cultural experiences.

Into this category falls a particularly beautiful poem which she sent me about getting to terms with growing older and is well worth the read. It is called  ‘Walk with me as I age’….

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Happy Birthday Pong

Dear Reader,

Do you remember this?

On this day, 40 years ago, Atari release Pong, the first commercially successful, mainstream computer game. You could find it in arcades all over the place.

If the picture above brings a knowing smile to your face, you might enjoy playing.
You can do so here:

Stay playful,
Engine Room

all square…

Dear diablog,

I would thank the others for keeping things going for me, and, bless her heart, Christina



who was insistant that we do something to alleviate the boredom in the International HQ and has been digging around in her draws to gasp out loud at the discovery of a gem.

There was once a similar TV show in the UK but I can’t remember the name (probably something puerily obvious) but these are supposed to be real and from ‘Hollywood Squares’ some time ago


– which by their level of culture is not the same as the Trevi fountain! However here are the supposed actual questions and answers.

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Bliss of Marriage – continued

Dear Reader,

As we all learned on diablog here, Madame Glynskette fell and has been forced to stay in bed or a wheel chair.

Which got me wondering, does she have the proper equipment for a case like this?
The most necessary tool right now is this:

How else is she to call Glynsky? We all know, the man needs a constant reminder for everything he has to do.

Most people will suggest using the cell phone, but Glynsky is famous for ignoring the short ring tone. And, we don’t want Madame Glynskette to use a shock collar on Gynsky, do we?

In case you have a better solution, please let us know.

Engine Room