a big mamma, the real deal 38,welcome december…

Dear diablog,

It appears that Engine Room is dreading the onset of the by now traditional Glynsky ‘music fest’ in the run up to Christmas. I would say, looking at the list I have prepared, with good reason and hopefully this year’s collection will send him (and Pete) into a frenzy of panic.

But today I am feeling good, and this is the precurser to further posts of the gems under the ‘Big Mamma’ heading for several truly great, and not properly appreciated, soul singers of  ‘ample proportions’. I direct Engine Room to the last clip which is specially for him – the last good act on my part towards him this year!

Big Maybelle was one of the really treasured ‘Northern Soul’ artists movement which, despite originally surfacing in Chicago, gained a huge mod following in the clubs of Northern England and, incidentally, still lives on in its ‘adopted birth place’. She had several major hits in this genre and deserves more than one mention on diablog, so if you like these look out for more in the future. By the way, aren’t the album cover pictures awful!

and with interesting views of ’60’s club dancing how about…

and all this at least 15 years before Saturday Night Fever!
As Engine Room appears to be besotted by scooters (he often refers to Lambretta’s but Vespa’s are, and were, just as cool) I have included this just for him. And look out for the views of Brighton seafront – obviously the Rockers had a day off!
Does he deserve it? More to the point, has he ever heard of Maybelle? Non et non!
Yours, diablog, still in love with Wigan

2 thoughts on “a big mamma, the real deal 38,welcome december…

  1. Yes, Dear,

    Very true.
    This big mama isn’t for me, I did not know her, and forgot her name right away.

    Some of the dance moves came back with b-boying in the 70s.

    As for Scooters, I now have access to a ~ 10 year old 125 Vespa. And I am enjoying every single ride.


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