Surprises in Sport

Dear Reader,

Probably you have heard the line:

I went to see a fight, and all of a sudden a hockey game broke out.

Last Sunday I felt like that. In nice company I wanted to watch some TV ads, and it was interrupted by a football game.

Obviously, I was not the only one to feel irritated. Someone decided to switch off the lights for half an hour, giving the advertising people more time and attention.

Across the Atlantic the other football, aka soccer, had its own highlight. The European police investigated match rigging and found some 300+ matches, which have been fixed. The fellow authors of diablog have been suspiciously silent about that.

Consider me shocked. SHOCKED.

But seriously, what’s the surprise? Wikipedia has information about Match Fixing, including a list of famous ones.

In my humble opinion, the most honest sport is pro wrestling.
Everybody knows, the matches are set up. It is pure entertainment and physical stunts. Wrestling is also honest about doping. Everybody does it, everybody knows.

There is a brilliant movie about professional sport, and it brings us back to hockey.

The movie is Slap Shot, with the legendary Paul Newman.

If you have a chance, watch it.

You will also meet the famous Hanson Brothers.

By their looks they could be called the first or at least very early Hipsters.

Stay entertained,
Engine Room