man u – a stuffed turkey…

Dear diablog,

Despite lack of sleep, no hot water till Saturday, cold and everything else I am replete, happy, singing and in the best of humour!!

Oh what a night

(I didn’t choose the obvious song just to show how good I feel!).

The REAL scum have been stuffed, gone, finito, terminado, le fin!

I love Turkey (pity the film appears to just stop – who cares)

and in particular, their referees.

Bye bye


and good riddance.

Yours, diablog, with the sage and onion


all clips thanks to youtube

5 thoughts on “man u – a stuffed turkey…

  1. Do all scum play in red and the victors in white (exceptionally green yesterday)?
    The Hercules will be at Northolt in 2 hours to fly you to Norway. I hope that you have clean underpants and socks.

  2. Glynsky,

    You did not really ask ME that, did you? Who gives a flying fart?

    Today posts raises doubt, that your taste in music is anything but weird.
    My ears were bleeding.


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