white is at the hart of it…

Dear diablog,

Pete appears to have all but disappeared off the face of the planet.
To those that care I offer my sincerest condolences but for the rest of us happy folk it is like breaking wind, a revolution, a rebirth, from monochrome to technicolour.

The colour simile really fits as this may be the reason for the mental decline of that once fertile and, sometimes, amusing wordsmith. Be it that he was only at his best when berating me I, Glynsky the Magnanimous always forgave – but Pete finds it difficult to bend (arthritis?) from his self imposed ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’.

To return to colour and Pete. This whole discourse surrounds three colours, blue, red and white – two of which are prime and one, we are told by some, does not exist.
Whew, that link was a whole lot more interesting than the subject of this post!!!

So, when faced with ‘what are your favourite colours’ poor ol’ Pete made the wrong choice – ONLY…

… by one point, but still the wrong choice.

So, the problem:


Given that Blue = 49,  Red = 50 and  White = 23
It is proven that:

Blue plus White = 72
Red plus White =  73
73 – 72 = 1
1 = more than 0.
AVB = better than, but more letters than AW.
In certain areas the Ecuadorian restaurants are better than others.
Some places are easier to get to than others.

QED 1. Red plus White = more than Blue plus White.

QED 2. Pete in a pickle.

QED 3. Pete, feeling unloved, abandons all his fans and sulks – not caring about those that really need him.

Yours, diablog, at a loss, minus a friend, reading less – but trying to smile on through Pete’s anguish


7 thoughts on “white is at the hart of it…

  1. Dear Clockwork Glynsky as you certainly know how to wind people up. You had better take a towel and fresh clothes for the boat trip as I believe that you might be ending up in the canal after this report.
    I am sure that Pete is preparing a proper and suitable reply to this post.

  2. My reply is shown below.
    I told Glynsky that any more ‘Love in’ posts about That Woman would lead to my demise from this site.
    He had the decency to warn me that yet another was to be forthcoming.

    I have decided against being childish and starting my own sexual services blog, despite the huge financial returns being offered.

    As far as I am concerned Glynsky can
    shove his footballing comments up his beloved Ars…enal.
    I have already ‘got form’ for pushing Glynsky into the water and I am with Smiles 100% as to his possible fate on the grand Union Canal.

  3. Welcome Amelie,

    What a lovely name!

    Your “no-no” (spelling?) will be pushed. Leading to you taking a trip around the world hunting us all down. Deal?

    Catch me if you can,

  4. Don’t worry Pete. When you are on the run from Amelie at weekends and during the school holidays, I have plenty of 5 star safe houses for you and let me know if you need some miles. COYS

  5. This Amelie is perhaps the scariest young female I have ever met.
    She can kill with her left eyebrow.

    It is totally unfair to bring her in as a secret weapon at this stage.
    I am off to the boat to strengthen the Armour plating.

    As a matter of fact the boat is named AMELIE in order to placate her wrath and keep away evil spirits.
    It appears to have not worked.

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