here comes summer…

Dear diablog,

Though at the time of writing you would be right to doubt it, it is, we are lead to believe, ‘officially’ summer!

Recently Pete and I referred to the end of my garden as ‘looking like the Somme’ – in  reality it was dominated by


very non garden looking objects accompanied by
Tonka toys and making
an unholy mess!!
This was not due to impending visits from any of  the G+P glitterati (Casper, Smiles, Alex, Iren – whatever happened to her, did she finally elope with Pete?) but the need to turn what had become a bit of a mess into…
… – an even bigger mess!!
This was compounded by Mme’s mind changes as to whether to fill in or excavate a ditch which runs across that part and a contribution by one of her best friends of what looks suspiciously like the remains of a graveyard!
Ghosts not withstanding, the war zone began to take shape
with the creation  of  new dining and seating areas (you can guess looking at these that Mme and friends spend their time moving around the garden following the sun. I can always tell what time it is by a) what they are drinking and b) where they are sitting!)


  and the planting of a few fruit trees
and the addition of a quantity of new turf – and did it need it!! – to confirm one of the miracles of nature. That whatever gets destroyed can regrow and replace to hide the devastation in but a few weeks.


So now, just tinkering and grass cutting? Believe me, no chance! There’s bound to be a summer of toil ahead – but do I care – naaaah!  Need the exercise anyway!

So, to sign off, one of Mme’s all time favourite juke sounds which sums up the time of year perfectly

Yours, diablog, in shorts (and overweight despite all the rock handling)


clip thanks to youtube

10 thoughts on “here comes summer…

  1. Nice size garden. You could build a small house for ER and spend pleasant evenings together talking about politics.

  2. Couldn’t have done it without the ex Pete’s river bullrushes and lilies (which have, by the way’ come into full bloom).
    Bastard I can cope with – rich??

  3. If wealth was measured by your waistline, you would be very rich.
    Pete and I still have not forgiven you for post.

  4. Like I care!
    It is worthy of note that a) the subject was not directly referred to (caps and fits?) and b) it appears to be forgiveable and ‘ok’ to use derogatives (eg scum etc) in replies from you two to other posts.
    Is this a level playing field of two halves?

  5. Calm down, guys,

    I hear English moles put up a sign:

    cave diving available here

    No worries, in a few weeks you’ll have the next water shortage.


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