a load of red bull…

Dear diablog,

I suppose that this post should have been part of the ‘Old Lady Skirts‘ series, but somehow it doesn’t quite fit with the cars so far (and in the future) that tend to feature.

It revolves around the Red Bull events truck


which is based on an old Volvo model and which ‘transforms’ into an entertainment centre at selected event support venues complete with video screens and an inbuilt DJ!


So what was this monster doing at a classic car rebuilder’s?  Well, some ‘expert’ despite extra fuel…

… enough to cross the Sahara

accompanied by suitably massive rubber  fitted (ignore the bungee strap, it will become clear what it does later!)
managed to roll it (how???) requiring a deal of body work replacement/repair!

As it was far to big to fit the workshop (and it was pouring with rain!) a gazebo held in place with bungees (told you you would find out why) whilst the roof was replaced!

If ever you get the chance have a look inside. I’m sorry the pics are so bad but my weedy Brownie didn’t have enough light to show all

which includes an amazing mixing console
which would do credit to any major club!!
Ah well, yet another satisfied, and bizarre, customer left the premises a few days later.
Yours, diablog, canned

PS. Just for Smiles and Pete, another bull – but of a different colour to suit them from a previous post!

8 thoughts on “a load of red bull…

  1. Me too, I loved that song. Must be something to do with the colour white.
    Now in lounge in Munich as flight cancelled.
    Saw something for Glynsky today. As it is 50 years of Lamborghini, at Bologna Airport the “Follow me” car is a Lamborghini. Very impressive !!!

  2. What next from Glynsky to remind us what we used to listen to on the radio, or was it a wireless?
    There once was an ugly duckling ?
    Seems fitting for our upcoming boat trip, with or without the dithering ER.

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