Here is Summer

Dear Reader,

While Pete is thinking about killing his wife, Glynsky announced here comes summer. Both seem to be a little off.

Sweet Pete would never do such a thing, and according to other, more reliable people, like Elsbeth, there is no summer in Europe. She claims there isn’t or wasn’t even Spring.

For the record, current conditions in NYC are 79°F or 26°C.

If you feel like summer, or want to, enjoy this “forbidden dance” from the summer of ’89:

a “stolen” song.

Stay tuned,
Engine Room

8 thoughts on “Here is Summer

  1. Was it really 1989? It seemed like yesterday. I must be getting old !
    2nd thought, no I am not. Off to UK tomorrow to see my parents and they are old, 92 years !!
    Only 9 flights Monday to Friday this week. See you all in the lounge.

  2. 1989 was a great year. Vienna was still quite new to me. Revolutions everywhere in Eastern Europe.
    Great women, great wine and the air was full of optimism.

  3. 2013 could also be a great year in my memory, if you finally decide to visit UK and we could finally meet.
    Do you need more than this as an invitation?

  4. Good post and the song bring back memories for me as well as Smiles.
    We had a lousy spring and now the summer has gone AWOL…
    Just spoke to my sister in Sienna and things are just as bad there.

  5. Dear Pete
    You may leave next Friday after the boat trip.
    Please do your utmost to fulfil the request of ER. It seems quite reasonable.

  6. Yes, Smiles,

    Reasonable is my middle name.

    So, Pete,
    What will it be? Blond, redhead, brunette? All three. Obviously, Smiles wants that too.


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