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On plenty of occasions I have made fun of our gents at diablog being somewhat obsessed with watching sports, soccer in particular.

How bad is English soccer?
In the recent championship of something England was allowed to host the final. Not because any of its lousy teams made it there. Just because.
To make matters worse, two German teams played each other in the final. The Germans invaded England, took over Wembley – or where ever it was, and the whole UK had to sit by and watch. Churchill must have been rotating in his grave.

Enough of that boring, slow sport.
In the late eighties and early nineties I watched quite a bit of basketball. Then the NY Knicks had a couple of shots at the NBA championship. (Don’t check now, it is a disaster.)

Sadly, the Knicks never made it. In case you wonder why, let me play a song, that will remind you:

Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project, also known as the intro of the Chicago Bulls.

And it was one Bulls player, who ruined the championship dreams for the Knicks more than anyone else.

The guy turned 50 in February this year. To some he is the greatest athlete of the millennium, certainly he qualifies as the greatest basketball player of all time:

Just watch this collection of his 50 Top plays:

Now that is a fun sport to watch. And as much as I disliked “MJ” for beating the Knicks almost constantly, it was a great pleasure watching him play.

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