dancing for mental health…

Dear diablog,

Recently I posted an item called willpower. The album from which the music came (and which remains a favourite of mine) is called ‘Dancing for Mental Health’ – now there’s an idea!

Before you go any further make sure that a) you have the time to listen to the tracks in their entirety (they are not short) and b) that the sound allows you to check out the lyrics. And the lyrics are crucial. Apart from anything else they completely sum up ‘life Glynsky style’ and maybe answer a lot about me!

The kicker is who wrote and produced the music – be ready for a big surprise! It is accredited to
Will Powers  and now that you have opened the link did you expect that?

Lynn Goldsmith

goldsmithmust be an extraordinarily gifted person and worthy of any gathering to discuss the better things in life. Just check this out – particularly you Pete in view of the photography on view.

By way of intro I start with this clip for two reasons. It is, sadly, the only moving picture clip attributed to the album and the shortest – called Make It Happen and is my mantra. Second, for its time, it was deeply imaginative and is really worth more appreciation than it has gained so far.

On to the next called Happy Birthday…

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Kids these days

Dear Reader,

In case you are a bit older and have kids, I am sure on some days they drive you mad.
And then you wonder:

Are other kids just as bad?
Are mine exceptionally stupid?

Whenever this hits me, I check this website:

From their “About”:
“Texts From Last Night (TFLN) was founded in February 2009 by two friends for reasons that may or may not include: the tendency to press send more easily as the night turns to morning, friends’ social habits, disgraced government officials, exes, law school, closing down bars and leaving tabs open, general debauchery and/or a common disgust for all the negativity surrounding the ‘sexting’ phenomenon.”
You can start reading the newest ones, or you go straight for best of all time.

After reading 10-15 texts your kids will seem perfectly normal again. Or even above average. Plus, you will be amused.

Engine Room

A lovely one from Casper

Dear Reader,

This one is from our beloved Casper, always helping us old guys to “stay current”.

This young lady has a great voice, and the looks G+P fall for:

Being lucky, I hope your stars align,
Engine Room

I Am Here For You

The follow information may be of interest to our vast female readership.


I apologise for the print quality but please click on the press cutting to make it larger for all you visually impaired readers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any financial, emotional, or sexual problems.
As you can see from the helpful advice I already given, I am here to help.

Female readers can also contact me directly on my private e mail

white is at the hart of it…

Dear diablog,

Pete appears to have all but disappeared off the face of the planet.
To those that care I offer my sincerest condolences but for the rest of us happy folk it is like breaking wind, a revolution, a rebirth, from monochrome to technicolour.

The colour simile really fits as this may be the reason for the mental decline of that once fertile and, sometimes, amusing wordsmith. Be it that he was only at his best when berating me I, Glynsky the Magnanimous always forgave – but Pete finds it difficult to bend (arthritis?) from his self imposed ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’.

To return to colour and Pete. This whole discourse surrounds three colours, blue, red and white – two of which are prime and one, we are told by some, does not exist.
Whew, that link was a whole lot more interesting than the subject of this post!!!

So, when faced with ‘what are your favourite colours’ poor ol’ Pete made the wrong choice – ONLY…

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information to knowledge

Dear Reader,

To many the internet mostly is an infinite source of data and information.
In order for turn information into knowledge it takes context and sorting. In the old days that meant teachers and/or librarians. or you did the reading and sorting yourself. But who has time for that?

Luckily, more and more libraries are publishing their already sorted information or knowledge online. Diablog pointed you towards online libraries like the Europeana, the European Film Gateway, the NYC Department of Records, and of course archive.org.

Now another precious source has come online, the

What is it?

its a dogs life…

Dear diablog,

A little earlier this month Engine Room correctly suggested that cats are, for me, one of the least desirable pets – only just scoring higher than squirrels and magpies (who at the moment are the bane of my life as they are attacking the blackbird nests around Glynsky Towers). I have just obtained telescopic sights for the .22 so they had all better watch out!



obviously shares a preference for dogs and felt moved to send me this wonderfully funny piece of film which though obviously dated is a hoot.

Thats Life was an excellent series of TV programmes of its time and dwelt on all sorts of topics related to life in general – some obviously rigged though I am not sure of this one.

With all the press being attracted by fizzy drinks I wonder if more attention should be paid to soda!

Yours, diablog, sparkling as always